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So You Want to Sell Your Car?

You have options. All of which probably suck for different reasons. While driving my car, I prayed she would be ok until the end. With great purpose, I bought a very affordable (AKA cheap) car and enjoyed many years of having no car payment. That is another post for another day (probably not). So  yeah, this cheap car had 164,000 miles on her when the time came. Add to that, it was a small hatchback with some cosmetic issues.

Knowing these things I priced her low. Not low enough to not be low balled even further. I found this random site and posted the car with pictures. Calls started pouring in around 8 pm and didn't stop til after midnight. I. Kid. You. Not. Offers were thousands lower than I asked, people called who couldn't speak English, and I was growing weary of answering my phone after the second day of this.

As with moving out of your apartment, you have options. Sites like Dubizzle, Facebook, or can work for you. I didn't want to pay for Dubizzle …


Brace yourself.

It's coming.

Piles of things with nowhere to go and an impending deadline. You have a million things to do so you begin the arduous task of figuring out what to keep and what to let go of. In the beginning, it seems easy enough. Maybe you don't have lots of things. In which case, the above picture will never be you. In most cases, however, just get your tissue ready. Or your bottle of libation. Whichever suits your fancy.

Let me start with the process of letting things go. Because I am so smart, I began paring down months ago. It felt good and I was so proud of myself for being on top of things. After that, I began to walk around my house and think about what I would post things for when the time came. I decided I didn't want the hassle of bargaining so I would post things for a ridiculous price. Satisfied that I had time, I continued on with daily life. Fast forward some months and we get the paper work. It is so confusing that I set it aside and figured …