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The Beginning of the End

Last week I turned the key and entered my home from a vacation for the last time. I realized that I will miss my apartment. Who wouldn't? We have an amazing place when you think about it. Even if I dont use all the amenities, it is nice to have and I enjoy looking out the window each and every day!

Going home was a success. Taking things home will,no doubt, reduce the stress of packing in the coming months. A RT ticket for 365 was a steal to say the least. Worth such a quick turnaround!

Now comes the last term. It will be over before we blink an eye as Ramadan comes earlier each year. We are trying our best to condense the learning outcomes and lessons so we impart upon their little brains the basics and pray they retain it over the summer!

Ive been here so long Im not even concerned about selling all our things. Im sure some of them will sell but everything else will be donated. I dont have the propensity to concern myself with it. I only wish it was easier to find someone in need rather someone only looking for a good deal but thats the way of the world here.  I just hope the transition home is as easy as the transition to come here. A girl can hope but I wont hold my breath!


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