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Since being here, Ive been able to slide into the old adage of letting things slide off my back. I don't get too caught up in the (crazy) happenings going on around me. At least I try not to. Still, there are some things that still irritate the living _______ out of me! Thankfully, the list isn't too long or Im not sure how Id cope. Much like others are coping here I suppose.

1. People who bounce from lane to lane as if they were taught that that is the way you are supposed to drive.

2. People who change lanes in SLOW MOTION. Are you getting over or not??!!

3. People who aren't changing lanes. They're just straddling the lane even if someone is IN that lane next to them!

4. "Pharmacists" who don't know the names of medications nor do they know what interacts with what. It is ridiculous for me to have to adamantly tell you that I don't want a medication because they paper inside says X,Y,Z and then you say its not problem. Where did you go to school?!…