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shwaya arabi

Being here for so long makes me feel like I should be speaking more Arabic. Some people here will ask you why you don't know more.I even had a rude guy tell me how he speaks English and that I should be speaking Arabic. Im sure it didn't cross his mind that he has many opportunities to practice using English because that is what is used everywhere. In regards to Arabic, not only is it not often used in public places but there are different dialects so words I learn at school may have no meaning if you are not Emirati.  Anyway, I started my list with about 70 and have and will add to it as words cross my mind.Im sure when school starts again Ill remember some more!
  1. ana:me
  2. ma araf:i can't/i don't know how
  3. sawili:do it for me
  4. athini:give it to me
  5. bes:stop
  6. shwaya:little or slowly
  7. mafi:none
  8. badoon:without
  9. badoon sote:stop talking
  10. isma:listen
  11. imshi:walk
  12. tabur:line up
  13. bucara:tomorrow
  14. inshallah:God willing
  15. sabah al khair: good morning
  16. ana habuk:i love you
  17. el ab:play
  18. behedu:nicely
  19. el ab behedu:play nicely
  20. mahba:i don't want
  21. nefsa/nefsashay:the same
  22. culiyoom: i think it means every day but i don't remember
  23. lahzahm:you must (i think)
  24. la ahfahm:i dont understand
  25. shoo?:what
  26. shoo yani?:what do you mean?
  27. yani:mean/i mean
  28. shutaba?:what do you want?
  29. khalas:finished
  30. ma khalas:im not finished
  31. sharik:share
  32. raja'an:please
  33. fil:for
  34. bayt:home
  35. saf:class
  36. haluka:carpet
  37. put 33 together with 34 and 35 to tell the kids what something is this is for class so you can't take it or put this in your bag,its for  home.
  38. fil haluka :go to the carpet
  39. hatha:that
  40. shoo hatha?:whats that?
  41. shoofi:look
  42. shoofi hanee:look here
  43. asaf:I'm sorry
  44. bes mamza:stop playing
  45. awal:first
  46. howal:try (if they say ma araf and won't do the work)
  47. sabura:white board 
  48. lo samanti:excuse me (i think )
  49. ba'ad/marathania:again
  50. la:no
  51. na'am:yes
  52. shukran:thank you
  53. afwan:you're welcome
  54. abala/mualimat:teacher 
  55. madeera:principal
  56. habibi:love
  57. kabir:big
  58. wayad:a lot
  59. mam noor:not allowed
  60. mumtaz:perfect
  61. halawah:candy
  62. haram:something that is bad/forbidden (i.e. drinking alcohol but is used for lesser offenses as well)
  63. wallah:i swear but people use it to say 'really' also
  64. labneh:yogurt
  65. sucar:sugar
  66. bedoon sucar:without sugar
  67. sura'a:fast/quickly
  68. ham am:bathroom
  69. my:water
  70. al ban at:girl
  71. aloowad (i think):boy
  72. shatrin:excellent 
  73. baboon:poop (but its not good to say)
  74. zega:pee (also not polite to say)
  75. sowi kitha:do it like this
  76. when hatha?:asking where something is
  77. fahamtu?:do you understand
  78. fahamna:yes i understand
  79. wajub:work
  80. wajub fil baht:homework
  81. wajub fil saf:classwork
  82. laish:why?
  83. chub:shut up
  84. gum/gumi:get up,move over,stand up depends on context
  85. warga:paper
  86. nunu:baby
  87. most of the colors
  88. some of the days of the week
  89. MORE TO COME AS I THINK OF THEM.pretty sure i can get to 100


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