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Im So Lame

I didn't want to go to work today.
I don't want to go to work tomorrow.
But Ill probably go.

I feel like Ive swallowed a porcupine and I don't feel like talking.Something I have to do at work.Actually,Ive worked a couple times with no voice so it is doable.Still, I don't want to!
Of course, I could stay home tomorrow, and it probably would have happened if it weren't for
several things that happened today.
1.the substitute wants to bake cake tomorrow as we are on the community helpers unit
2.we got new stuff in school today!!!!! computer, carpet,plush seating for the reading center
3.there was something else but idk at this moment.

anyway, I am SO EXCITED that one computer is going next to the reading center so that we can finally have a listening center!!!!!!!! Im so happy, Ive been wanting this for about three years. I was about to make some cds for some books I acquired from the library but this is a better option because we have book with cds that correspond w…

Always A Student

I love ECE.

Love it.

For awhile I began to feel my brain was going into atrophy. I felt like I wasn't making a difference and that I wasn't able to use my skill set. That is when the itch started. I feel like Im always reading something or watching a video about something. It doesn't help when I find tons of great ideas that I can't use because my environment is different from those that aren't esl.

The itch is gone and I feel like things have picked up.Unfortunately, this can all change next year.I won't even think about that right now.In the meantime, I have some very important decisions to make about how I am going to teach for he remainder of the year as we are piloting a new way to run the classrooms which allows for more focus on small groups without the distractions that come along with active kids all around you.Ill be able to speak on that once I have started.

Anyway, I found a website today that has FREE videos for anyone who wants/needs to be remind…


Ive been spending some time in this building lately and yesterday I began to think about the life that was going on beneath me. At the time, I found it interesting. Just thinking about the fact that I live in another country and I honestly don't know when I will cease to be an expatriate. Fast forward to today, Ive been busy finding anniversary gifts for my husband and I just finished enjoying a new recipe of couscous, curry paste, and chicken mixed together for a delectable,spicy dinner accompanied by a glass of South African medium sweet. Life is just so comfortable right now and I appreciate that. There definitely was not the ease of life at home that I enjoy now.

I took the above picture not really knowing what Id do with it but  as I began typing I realized that its all about perspective. Well,not all, because your placement has a LOT to do with  how well you enjoy this experience BUT you CANNOT discount what you bring to the picture. If you have inner peace, the small (big)…

shwaya arabi

Being here for so long makes me feel like I should be speaking more Arabic. Some people here will ask you why you don't know more.I even had a rude guy tell me how he speaks English and that I should be speaking Arabic. Im sure it didn't cross his mind that he has many opportunities to practice using English because that is what is used everywhere. In regards to Arabic, not only is it not often used in public places but there are different dialects so words I learn at school may have no meaning if you are not Emirati.  Anyway, I started my list with about 70 and have and will add to it as words cross my mind.Im sure when school starts again Ill remember some more!
ana:mema araf:i can't/i don't know howsawili:do it for meathini:give it to mebes:stopshwaya:little or slowlymafi:nonebadoon:withoutbadoon sote:stop talkingisma:listenimshi:walktabur:line upbucara:tomorrowinshallah:God willingsabah al khair: good morningana habuk:i love youel ab:playbehedu:nicelyel ab behedu:p…

Spring Break

If I told you how I was spending it, you wouldn't believe me,lol. So I won't.

nothings going on for SB but its getting close to that time of year when you are planning all the places you will hit when you reach your home for the summer. Watching hulu has me waiting to get to Marshalls and TJ Maxx. Maybe I should start saving now!

In work news,we had so few kids the three days before holiday, I was able to get so much work done in the classroom.I was so busy that I figured Id do my plans over holiday. Probably a mistake because the momentum I had is gone.Not to say that I don't feel like doing them because Im a planning kind of girl. But I knew what I wanted to do then.Now I have no idea what I was thinking about then.Ill get on that next week some time.

In personal news, I haven't forgotten about my portfolio and preparing for the next job. As it stands, Ill do another year here and prepare myself a little better. Im still within my original 5 year plan so no worries …