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Darn Tide!

I was feeling some kind of way today after I found out my teacher wants a transfer. I understand her reasons so there is no argument there. But there are things at play that I don't think she understands and I haven't found a way to explain them to her.Actually,I won't find a way because its like trying to tell someone something negative about their close friend. Yeah,so I'm going to leave that one alone.

The reason I was feeling some kind of way is because part of the reason I was leaning toward staying was because of the situation in our room!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't imagine the kids going from their independent activities and the level of freedom  they have to the alternative that Im sure will happen without her as my coteacher. I am extremely disappointed.extremely.


I came home today to check the school I was eyeing only to find that the posts have been removed.Im sure that means the posts have been filled but I will keep my eyes out. (…