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Turning Tides

6 months ago I wasn't to happy with my situation. I was feeling stifled in terms of teaching time and a  host of other things and my main focus in life was to get OUT.  I must say that the year has progressed rather nicely and Im not feeling the same way about the year. Thanks to my coteacher, who understands what the kids need and provides those things even when someone says otherwise,we  are having a great year! I can't say that I would feel this way with another teacher.

Our classroom runs smoothly and the kids are self sufficient. Today, two kids decided to make a book in the science center. The books were pre made with the title and had two pages for them to draw animals or write. They were provided with real pictures of animals to choose from and had been given instructions previously about their options (to draw animals they saw at the zoo, animals from the book The Very Hungry Caterpillar, or to use the pictures if necessary). We also started this week putting familia…