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New Year New Me

im not one to obsess over capitals and punctuation but this time its not a case of keyboard is screwed and i have to order a new one from america or pay 80+ dollars for one here.

so simple bullets will have to suffice for now.

found my color foundation in revlon color stay.that never happens.wouldve bought them all but they only had two.and let me add i like it better than mac studio fix.*gasps!*went to body pump FINALLY.10 dollars a class.what was i waiting for?!but I'm a light weight and lost my dinner20 some odd days till he gets back from his china stint :-)our principal is back and making sure we know it,lol.its been two days and I'm trying not to let the fact that there isn't enough teaching time disturb meand we are off again sunday!the perfect opportunity to start my e-portfolio!we have two new malls in the city!idk why but I'm going to at least one this week just to browse
i should probably do a review on a product here soon.maybe my new camera…