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There have been several times where I've thought, "I need to go write..." but I never got around to it. So in the spirit of keeping this place updated I figured I should come and write before the year ends. Maybe Ill just recap the highlights of the semester.

This is my first time having a class for a second year in a row. Its quite different from getting kg2s who haven't been to kg1. Every year I felt bad because my kids weren't using English but it was because they  hadn't heard it long enough. They did, however, understand English and I was usually satisfied with that. They are using a good amount of English,especially to tell on each other.They also translate for me when they can.I have a few who are ready to start reading cvc words, that is also a first.We continue to get more materials for the classroom. Though not much for Arabic. Its unfortunate and if someone were to get into production in that area they would make a fortune!My teacher is preggers an…

Term 1 Happenings

I know what must be done and I'm going to put my best foot forward and see what comes of it. I also decided today as I listened to Brazilian instrumentals while on the way to work that I'm going to try one.last.time to contact someone at my old school for a referral using the referral he gave me when I thought I'd go to grad school (again) to jog his memory. *fingers crossed*.

Aside from that, the year continues to go well. Even so, I mustn't let that blind me from the fact that this unhealthy relationship must come to an end as I've completed the goal I initially came with (five years) and it is time to move on. Truth be told, I would have no problem staying if it weren't for so many unforeseen changes that could adversely affect us. It seems that black and white holds no weight and too many "official" things aren't. As they say in the south, "I need to get while the gettin is good!"

The question remains though, get where? Here? Anothe…

Small gains??

Wow, I was averaging about 4 posts per month for years...YEARS! I realized recently that I haven't written since August and its not because I have nothing to write about. When things happen I have the thought to but it just never came to fruition.

But now Im here so lets hope this is a sign of things to come. I think I'll just bullet the items that are most pertinent recently...

after a mini lesson about the writing process the children are starting to catch on to furthering their writing. A couple of them are labeling their work. Albeit in Arabic but that is to be expected. The point is that they used the lesson and transferred the knowledge!I have a little translator. She explains things to the kids after me sometimes and If I ask her what something is she will tell me or act it out,lol. Sometimes she just pokes out her bottom lip and shrugs which means she doesn't have the words to tell me.It's too funny.Kids who were in my low group last year have made major gains …

Summer is Over

Just as fast as it began for some. Especially for those who were counting on another week to enjoy family, friends, or just sitting around enjoying (insert destination here). Unfortunately, things you would think are set in stone aren't here and either you learn to deal with it or you don't. Such is the conundrum for many people here.

My intention was to write about my time at home while I was at home. I figured it would be interesting, at least to myself, to note the differences (if any) about my feelings after being away for two years. There were many feelings but I was mainly away from the internet so I didn't bother. And with that said, Ill just make a quick list to which many things will most likely be left off.

1.Being unplugged-it felt nice to be 'out of the matrix'. I enjoyed family and tried to soak up every moment of it.

2. Being uber aware of my surroundings-I found myself more aware of the possible intentions of people.In all honesty, I was paranoid th…


While in waitrose today I heard the familiar sound of crying and saw a child out of the corner of my eye. Its a normal occurrence and I didn't pay it much mind as I was on a mission to find something for a party later. Even so, I had this nagging feeling and was a bit dismayed about the fact that it's commonplace to ignore those crying children when they appear to be lost, or left as it seemed to be in this case as I would find later on. On the one hand, it happens so often that you realize is futile to walk up to a child who (1) doesn't speak English, (2) the mom/caregiver is either right there and ignoring the child leaving you to think there is noone around  or (3) they are right around the corner and the child hasn't caught up. In which case they will come back to get them...eventually. And while it's also commonplace to touch a stranger's child here, I don't feel its my place to step into a situation that is deemed normal here.Who am I to vilify you …

Bonding Over GMO's

When school is 'over' you eat.Its just what you do. One day might be Egyptian food,another Indian, and American of course.Every year we serve the same. Breakfast.And every year has been the same.We could never figure out why they wouldn't eat the breakfast outside of the fruit and donuts. So we always made sure that was available since we knew they'd eat it.

This year we prepared the new teachers and I expected there to be so much food left over. Im pretty sure it has something to do with the fact that we have an English teacher who is muslim and speaks Arabic....but they tasted the food!They really liked the pancakes and we had to explain what it was made of, how you cook it, eat it, what you can serve it with,etc. The amount of syrup they put on them was laughable.not even a spoonful! They wanted to see the box it came in and  wanted to know the steps.The principal even sashayed to the room wanting to know who brought this thing she was holding and eating like a bur…

Absent much?

I had to scurry and put in for my absence.God forbid, I get docked for it as a result of procrastination! While doing so,I wondered about my number of absences. There was a job I was interested in last year that wanted to know how many  days of school you missed and why. I was a little nervous because I didn't know how many days were acceptable and Im not even a chronic absentee teacher.

Fast forward to today, I learned that I am well below the average for the US.Im happy about that. I have averaged about 6 a year over the past 4 years and I do believe most were in the first year for post surgery reasons. Ive even gone to work with no voice! The second day I realized how ridiculous it was and went home,lol.

I was told that they used to pay for sick days not used. I wish that were the case,Id have a pretty little bonus every year!

If Only


They had a 75% off sale today at a jewelry store and there was a sick diamond wedding ring there for 8500 dirham.


Yeah,I have a wedding ring but Im on the quest for an upgrade. More importantly I suppose, is the quest to pay off more debt so that when we do find the one,we can get it!


Im So Lame

I didn't want to go to work today.
I don't want to go to work tomorrow.
But Ill probably go.

I feel like Ive swallowed a porcupine and I don't feel like talking.Something I have to do at work.Actually,Ive worked a couple times with no voice so it is doable.Still, I don't want to!
Of course, I could stay home tomorrow, and it probably would have happened if it weren't for
several things that happened today.
1.the substitute wants to bake cake tomorrow as we are on the community helpers unit
2.we got new stuff in school today!!!!! computer, carpet,plush seating for the reading center
3.there was something else but idk at this moment.

anyway, I am SO EXCITED that one computer is going next to the reading center so that we can finally have a listening center!!!!!!!! Im so happy, Ive been wanting this for about three years. I was about to make some cds for some books I acquired from the library but this is a better option because we have book with cds that correspond w…

Always A Student

I love ECE.

Love it.

For awhile I began to feel my brain was going into atrophy. I felt like I wasn't making a difference and that I wasn't able to use my skill set. That is when the itch started. I feel like Im always reading something or watching a video about something. It doesn't help when I find tons of great ideas that I can't use because my environment is different from those that aren't esl.

The itch is gone and I feel like things have picked up.Unfortunately, this can all change next year.I won't even think about that right now.In the meantime, I have some very important decisions to make about how I am going to teach for he remainder of the year as we are piloting a new way to run the classrooms which allows for more focus on small groups without the distractions that come along with active kids all around you.Ill be able to speak on that once I have started.

Anyway, I found a website today that has FREE videos for anyone who wants/needs to be remind…


Ive been spending some time in this building lately and yesterday I began to think about the life that was going on beneath me. At the time, I found it interesting. Just thinking about the fact that I live in another country and I honestly don't know when I will cease to be an expatriate. Fast forward to today, Ive been busy finding anniversary gifts for my husband and I just finished enjoying a new recipe of couscous, curry paste, and chicken mixed together for a delectable,spicy dinner accompanied by a glass of South African medium sweet. Life is just so comfortable right now and I appreciate that. There definitely was not the ease of life at home that I enjoy now.

I took the above picture not really knowing what Id do with it but  as I began typing I realized that its all about perspective. Well,not all, because your placement has a LOT to do with  how well you enjoy this experience BUT you CANNOT discount what you bring to the picture. If you have inner peace, the small (big)…

shwaya arabi

Being here for so long makes me feel like I should be speaking more Arabic. Some people here will ask you why you don't know more.I even had a rude guy tell me how he speaks English and that I should be speaking Arabic. Im sure it didn't cross his mind that he has many opportunities to practice using English because that is what is used everywhere. In regards to Arabic, not only is it not often used in public places but there are different dialects so words I learn at school may have no meaning if you are not Emirati.  Anyway, I started my list with about 70 and have and will add to it as words cross my mind.Im sure when school starts again Ill remember some more!
ana:mema araf:i can't/i don't know howsawili:do it for meathini:give it to mebes:stopshwaya:little or slowlymafi:nonebadoon:withoutbadoon sote:stop talkingisma:listenimshi:walktabur:line upbucara:tomorrowinshallah:God willingsabah al khair: good morningana habuk:i love youel ab:playbehedu:nicelyel ab behedu:p…

Spring Break

If I told you how I was spending it, you wouldn't believe me,lol. So I won't.

nothings going on for SB but its getting close to that time of year when you are planning all the places you will hit when you reach your home for the summer. Watching hulu has me waiting to get to Marshalls and TJ Maxx. Maybe I should start saving now!

In work news,we had so few kids the three days before holiday, I was able to get so much work done in the classroom.I was so busy that I figured Id do my plans over holiday. Probably a mistake because the momentum I had is gone.Not to say that I don't feel like doing them because Im a planning kind of girl. But I knew what I wanted to do then.Now I have no idea what I was thinking about then.Ill get on that next week some time.

In personal news, I haven't forgotten about my portfolio and preparing for the next job. As it stands, Ill do another year here and prepare myself a little better. Im still within my original 5 year plan so no worries …

Darn Tide!

I was feeling some kind of way today after I found out my teacher wants a transfer. I understand her reasons so there is no argument there. But there are things at play that I don't think she understands and I haven't found a way to explain them to her.Actually,I won't find a way because its like trying to tell someone something negative about their close friend. Yeah,so I'm going to leave that one alone.

The reason I was feeling some kind of way is because part of the reason I was leaning toward staying was because of the situation in our room!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't imagine the kids going from their independent activities and the level of freedom  they have to the alternative that Im sure will happen without her as my coteacher. I am extremely disappointed.extremely.


I came home today to check the school I was eyeing only to find that the posts have been removed.Im sure that means the posts have been filled but I will keep my eyes out. (…

Turning Tides

6 months ago I wasn't to happy with my situation. I was feeling stifled in terms of teaching time and a  host of other things and my main focus in life was to get OUT.  I must say that the year has progressed rather nicely and Im not feeling the same way about the year. Thanks to my coteacher, who understands what the kids need and provides those things even when someone says otherwise,we  are having a great year! I can't say that I would feel this way with another teacher.

Our classroom runs smoothly and the kids are self sufficient. Today, two kids decided to make a book in the science center. The books were pre made with the title and had two pages for them to draw animals or write. They were provided with real pictures of animals to choose from and had been given instructions previously about their options (to draw animals they saw at the zoo, animals from the book The Very Hungry Caterpillar, or to use the pictures if necessary). We also started this week putting familia…

New Year New Me

im not one to obsess over capitals and punctuation but this time its not a case of keyboard is screwed and i have to order a new one from america or pay 80+ dollars for one here.

so simple bullets will have to suffice for now.

found my color foundation in revlon color stay.that never happens.wouldve bought them all but they only had two.and let me add i like it better than mac studio fix.*gasps!*went to body pump FINALLY.10 dollars a class.what was i waiting for?!but I'm a light weight and lost my dinner20 some odd days till he gets back from his china stint :-)our principal is back and making sure we know it,lol.its been two days and I'm trying not to let the fact that there isn't enough teaching time disturb meand we are off again sunday!the perfect opportunity to start my e-portfolio!we have two new malls in the city!idk why but I'm going to at least one this week just to browse
i should probably do a review on a product here soon.maybe my new camera…