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We tend to hold on to things we don't need. Because, well, "we might need it one day". Especially as teachers. Often we DO use these things. In my case, too many times I don't. I have gotten so much better over the years. Before moving here I went through an extensive purging and it felt good. I think about it often here. I haven't had to do a major cleaning, though, since I don't have that many things. I  do find that I have collected little things from different places. Not from travels, but because there are often free things passed out like candy here.

I know I have too many things. As soon as he was gone, I took over his closet space as if I couldn't make it without it. What was I doing before he left?! I figure now is the perfect time to go through our space and ease the burden of having stuff. My thoughts started with the fact that I don't want to be a slave to material things. Of course, we all like stuff but I go back and forth with that and…

Busy Week

Its been a long week.loooooong.I think Ive found everything I can for science at this age/ability group. The room is coming along well. Silly me, I thought Id finish today after school. I worked from noon tip 3-MAYBE took 15 mins to eat-but its still not done. Im pleased with the work thus far though. I kind of want to see how the classes use it. But Im putting the cart before the horse. I have to make sure there are things to do in there. I have to call a meeting but we are all so busy with other committees I almost feel guilty or like I am imposing. We do have a good group so I don't think anyone would chop my head off. Not to mention I also have to work on my own committee to produce the things Ive been assigned.


But thank God it is Thursday. I can rest for a bit. I could totally go for a nap but that would be counter productive as I would wake up at the crack of dawn tomorrow.No bueno.

Oh, and how could I forget? There is a book fair o…


If I wait for cream of tarter ( I always want to say cream of tarter sauce), the kids will never have any play dough. So today I thought, 'why not look for an alternative to COT since the consensus is that using that is a better recipe-lasts longer. I have 20+ kids who use play dough probably every day so I need it to last as long as possible. In addition, I want them to work more on making letters and manipulating the dough. Not only because of my weak handed students but because I want to go in the kitchen to bake letters/numbers/etc and this will be good practice.

So I found this recipe and it seems ok. I must say that I prefer using the microwave as it is non stick and you don't have to sit there and stir,stir,stir! I made two batches. One for the dramatic play area which will be used as a kitchen and another for the literacy center. They'll be so excited tomorrow-and I will be too if this play dough stands up to my expectations. At this point, as long as it doesn'…