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What's Next?

I admit, it's hard to start a year when your brain is turning with ideas about where you may go next.
And I have Shanghai on the brain. Ive not set my heart on it as I dont know what's in store for me but Im looking at schools and every time I see the words "balanced literacy, writing workshop,reading workshop,play is learning,project based,etc" my insides tingle and I get all excited about the possibilities.

Im sure this is the reason why it feels like Ive been back forever when it has only been 1 month. Usually, time is of little concern to me as I want to be sure and enjoy the now-things will progress as they should.At the same time, I have moves to make and Im not going to miss the boat!

Update From the Summer

I neglected to write about my third week in Xian as well as my week of travel while away. I havent forgotten, its on my list of things to do. I have tons of pictures that will be added as well.

But Im back in the Dabs and work has started. I have what I feel like is a good class and cant wait to get started with them. Im currently drying some tears and working towards getting them to  understand my expectations. This is my first year with kg1 and my first year starting out with a permanent teacher so we are, in fact, sharing a classroom. Its a bit different. This year is also different because Im taking a bit of a step back since she is a new graduate and I want her to be able to make decisions and figure things out.At some point we wont be here.And Ive gotten to the point where Im ok with doing that,lol. Ive been so territorial over 'my kids',lol.

In social news, I went to my first ever wine tasting. Not quite what I imagined. And I probably couldnt tell you names of what I …