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Its serious over here! I have specific hydrating times so I dont get caught slipping! And while its annoying waking up too many times to count while youd rather be sleeping, its better than the alternative. Also, if you THINK you may have to use the bathroom while you are out, consider a few things. 
#1. Did you bring tissue or baby wipes? #2. What kind of shoes are you wearing? #3. Are you wearing pants that touch the floor? #4. If you are wearing long shorts, will they touch the floor when you pull them down? #5. Will  you be ok when-not if-the smell gets in your mouth???
This is why I Just Say No,lol. Id honestly rather do like this little guy and go on the street-its much cleaner!
All the babies wear them! But thats another topic for another day.

Ju Hua Cha

Also known as Chrysanthemum tea. Apparently, it has many benefits of which I was unaware. I was craving tea and since Ive not yet been to a tea house (shameful, I know). I decided to walk to, of all places, Walmart and get some tea.I actually didnt know what type of tea it was until I got home but it was 15 quai so no love loss if I didnt like it. Its actually smooth and no need to add sugar or honey.

Here are a couple other links: Beat the Heat With Ju Hua Cha and 10 Health Benefits of Chrysanthemum Tea

and pictures of my tea and new cast iron tea set!

Bowsers.Ive been eating them all week. They have meat and idk what else inside. They are yummy and you get ten for 5 quai (sp?)
My new tea kettle.I love cast iron!
The tea I bought
kettle came with two little cups
first time have tea like this-flowers instead of leaves
inside of kettle.

Week 2 in Xian

Earlier this year I wrote about living in various places abroad. This is definitely tier two living. see here for my explanation. Its not a major issue but there are things I would do IF I knew how to get there AND could have someone to communicate with once I got there. The tea market, the antique market, the herb/spice market to name a few. Last night we went to the Big Goose Bagoda. Or is it Pagoda? I really should know,lol.Anyway, there is a strip of restaurants adjacent to it so we ate at a German restaurant and I decided to do something I never do-eat steak! It was thin and tasted good.After that, we headed over to see what this tourist attraction had in store.

If you are a person who doesnt like touristy places, this isnt a place you would necessarily like. I hope to compile my vids and post them but that will have to wait til I get back home. We missed the water show but everything is lit up, people are selling things that light up and fly. There are stores that are a little,…