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Xi'an week 1

Im gonna go ahead and start out giving a shout out to the Dabs,lol. People who havent lived anywhere else outside of their home country and who have loads to say about the Dabs should maybe try living someplace else where your language isnt spoken. Unless you are a language learner, its quite difficult. Very few things are written in English.I cant take a cab or ride the bus as a visitor. They do have a train and I can take that and as long as I know exactly where Im going, its good.If I happen to get turned around,forget it.If you find someone who speaks English,you are extremely lucky! The other day it took an extended conversation to get an order of ice cream without strawberries.Actually, I wanted a cone-which was right beside the cups-but I couldnt get her to understand thats what I wanted so cup it was.

So far, Ive eaten at quite a few Chinese restaurants.1 Japanese restaurant, and a couple western places where I enjoyed having pork in my meal. Ive gone to the bell and drum tow…

Ortho Overload

Went to the dentist today and it was a bit too much for me. I didnt have my normal person because I have things to do and had to go early. I ended up with this guy that reminded me of Johnny Bravo-the Lebanese version,haha. IDK if he is or not.ijs. Anyway, he seemed very unsure of himself and asked many questions when talking to the Dr.s/instructors. Yeah,yeah,they are students but I guess I expect some sort of confidence. Look at my file before or when  you bring me back.Dont ask ME what you are going to do. IM NOT THE DR! Of course, my confidence in him was rather low. Then he didnt wear a mask, which was uber irritating. I found myself working to hold my mouth open while holding my breath because I didnt want to breathe his air.Really dude?

What else? Oh, when I got downstairs I had a cracker and the bracket in the back popped off so I went right back up. Immediately after his look of disapproval, I told him that a cracker was not a reason for the bracket to come off. Rather than …

Must Have Resource for the Ladies!

Travel fashion for anyone from the minimalist to the "omg,what if I want to wear THIS?!"

check out the above link for help.I just took so many unnecessary things out of my luggage!

Universal Language

Im back but cant begin to start blogging. At the most, Ive broken it up into topics so that Im not all over the place. But today as I was looking in the mirror, I laughed out loud to myself thinking about the honey color eyed girl at the monkey temple. I could hear them from afar trying to guess where I was from. I told them America but that their guess of Africa was a good one. She told me I was beautiful though Im not sure if she was being honest or trying to butter us up for the oki-doke aka $$.

They followed us around for quite some time.All the while she was giving me the once over,studying my features I suppose because she made mention of some of them. The one that made me smile was when she said I had a big forehead,haha. Sad but indeed true. I laughed and told her, "yes,it is big". This wasnt in English, of course, but its not that hard to tell someone something like that and its not like Ive not heard it before. Gotta learn to laugh at yourself.I got it honest so m…

another sneak peak

it would seem I have a fascination with door locks and bright colors. I also quite like the details of the things I see.I noticed it when I was photographing a friend.I doubt that others are as interested in seeing those details if offered a choice of seeing the overall this my signature?I suppose time will tell.

Give it a Rest

A couple days ago I was going through,lol. At some point, not sure when or why,I calmed down and realized that its only 6 days, I need to let go and experience the trip and all it has to offer, and I need to stop acting like a spoiled American.I was so stressed about a couple western amenities. One of them, I have done before so it shouldnt be so bad. The other(s), Ive not done and would prefer not to-ever-but it's coming with the territory. Once I come back, Ill spill the beans...the good, the bad, and the ugly.