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My Weekend in Review

First, I am ashamed to admit that this weekend was my first time at Rooftop Rhythms. I think its wonderful that there is a spoken word venue here for us to enjoy.It felt like home.Its been so long since Ive gone to an event like that. It used to be a regular occurrence for me.When we reconvene next school year, I plan on being a regular. I ended up being a judge for the slam competition. It was good and there were some really good artists. The MC, Dorian,had a wonderful piece that made my eyes water.It was magnificent.

sn:whenever I see,hear, or think about something that I reeeaaaally like, my eyes water.go figure

I had to turn around and wake up way too early, but for a good reason, I went to Dubai for-well two good reasons. First, I took (engagement) photos for two of my friends here.They were so cute together and it was something different from the beach or dessert, which was my aim. Had it not been for the nap I so desperately needed, I would have come home and poured over them. …

Celestial Teachers

You would think some of these teachers have decided to leave the comforts of heaven to come down and teach here.

What other explanation could there be if everything before this was perfection?

Its the weekend.

Pay it Forward

I got a message today that brightened my day :-)

Hey I jus realized from my "grits" post that you were the one who gave me the helpful advice before I signed up to come here back in 2011. Just wanna say thanks. You really helped me a lot. I'm glad I made the decision to come. I've settled in well and I thought I would miss my family but I actually stay closely connected with FB and Skype and bbm. And the holidays home help too. I love my school and my co teacher. It's a great experience and looking forward to another year. So just wanted to say thanks .. Even if its 2 years later!! 

In Retrospect

I remember the first year we were here. It drove me crazy how people would talk through meetings and act as if someone wasnt talking in the front of the room. Someone who was supposed to be a person of authority.Fast forward to the end of the year-it was time for us to each have a PD for the fellow teachers to listen to and participate in. I was DREADING it because my emotions often show on my face and I didnt want to be in the front of all the staff pissed off. What happened that day threw me and I thought that surely it was a fluke. THEY LISTENED! And not only did they listen, they seemed to be genuinely interested and wanted to know more about what I presented. The only problem was that it was at the end of the school year and without another PD to show them how they could do it in Arabic, it didnt quite have the effect Id wanted it to. It was, however, sort of an interview process which I passed to be able to work with the teacher of my choice that following year,lol.

Fast forwar…

Abu Dhabi Product Review-VICCO turmeric-wso

A few months ago, I ventured into the natural deodorant arena and made my own using a simple recipe comprised on coconut oil, baking soda, and corn starch. The recipe worked but there is a bit of a science to it as not every combination works for each individual. I ended up getting burned on a couple occasions and it wasnt pretty. To make a long story short, this burning led to hyperpigmentation on my arm pits-which does not make for a nice sight! I started looking for a product-or range of products-I could use to help get me to the correct color. All the while wondering why I had to suffer through all of this for trying to make a healthy decision!!!!

Insert above product. I saw it in Lulu's and came home to google the product. I found lots of good reviews and decided to get some for myself. In addition to a more even complexion, some said they noticed less hair growth and that definitely was a plus. I started using it twice a day before deodorant (and after scrubbing my pits wit…

Soon Enough

I feel like I should have chopsticks to eat my dinner.I'm sure I'll be longing for a fork soon!


Im by  no means a technological person. Downloading videos from youtube seemed like something too difficult for me to bother with. Sad to say that was without me even trying. I am happy to say, though,that I finally decided that I was going to look it up only to be pleasantly surprised by how easy it is with a simple download.
It gives you an interface that is like looking up videos while online.Simply click the download button and you have the video in a minute. This is uber wonderful as I have many videos Id like to show in class but couldnt because youtube was blocked (which I completely understand). 
This guy explains so I won't reinvent the wheel :-) He also tells you how to download a program for windows users.

Mini Rant

It's a love/hate relationship. You 'need' them for helpful information, updates you wouldn't otherwise get,to verify rumors, to get in touch with people,etc.You hate to have them on your feed because people post crazy things, they attack people's beliefs,argue because you like it here, argue because you hate it here, argue because some people can make peace with something happening or not happening and others refuse to make that peace with said issues. Its a mad house. One to which I continue to return to,lol. Hey, it could be worse.It could be in person!!!!!

My specific rant today is one I may have already covered though I refuse to go back to check. And that would be stupid responses-from adults no less.And this may offend but if it does, you may be a guilty party and for that I cannot apologize. And Ill put it as bluntly as humanly possible-If someone asks for a referral (or general information) it is because they need it and hope to use this 'community'…

Yacht day

First night yacht party.saw Ryan Leslie today at the Dubai Marina.I totally sounded like a girl when I said 'hi Ryan',,being the introvert that I am,im downstairs having me time listening to some music.maybe barasti after.or home.decisions,decisions.

Lazy Bones

I could blame my laziness on living in Abu Dhabi on an Island and not wanting to leave my apartment once I get in.But that would mean Im not taking responsibility for my action. Or inaction I should say. Ive been putting off pertinent things. Things that have to get done or X,Y,Z will not happen. And X,Y,Z are very important things. Procrastination is an ugly disease. Maybe I am a victim,lol.

So, rather than put on some shoes and a decent shirt I am here.Typing. I need passport pictures. I thought I had a couple but I couldnt tell you where they were if you offered me a million dollars. And to top it off, Im sure they will pop up after I go and buy some-which would entail going downstairs to the atm and then hunting for a parking space and getting the pics done.Mind you, the atm is DOWNSTAIRS and the shop is 15 mins from here-TOPS- with traffic.


Sigh. Im going to look on my desk as thoroughly as is humanly possible for me. The same desk I searched the other day for somethi…

Bon Appetit!

So I learned to make arepas with my friend yesterday and my freezer is full of them! They are so simple to make and simple to cook when the time comes. In the meantime, they are wrapped and waiting for consumption.

In addition to being filling, they are so quick and convenient. They remind me of ho cakes. If you are southern, you know what that means. If not,lol,oh well. These are Columbian but they have other versions in other Latin countries.Im not sure how they differ.

This is another addition to my small repertoire of recipes. I have some Thai dishes that I learned how to make at a cooking class in Chang Mai and Im hoping to get a cooking class from a parent at school for some "Arabic" dishes. In parenthesis because the dishes arent necessarily Arabic, its just what they eat here.Ive opened my protected palette to some very good food. Though some of that protection has not been voluntary-its just that exposure varies based on where you live.Now that I am more aware, I c…

Dire straits

When I packed a year's supply I was being smart! I had no idea I would be skipping home this year.I am running so low it is scary.And let me just say that all lemon pepper is not created equally!!! So,I appeal to anyone who reads me...if you are coming over or are going home for break and have the desire/ability to bring me this brand of lemon pepper I would be eternally grateful!!!!!