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Fast Forward

After a very nice comment,I decided to scroll back a few months to see what Ive been talking about,lol. I have more good than bad to speak of and thats always a wonderful thing. Lately Ive been noticing something in class that I spoke about in January. Im happy to say that it has now changed :-). I used to miss the hugs and 'I love you's' from the kids and resigned myself to the fact that not all kids will be that affectionate towards you. And that maybe, just maybe, they don't love me like the class did last year.hahaha. I have to admit, that wasnt a very happy thought but if it's the truth what can you do?

Now that school is drawing towards a close, they are very forthcoming with the love in words and action. And not only that but they are using more English than my last two classes combined and they didnt even have school the previous year. Though they worked my nerves this week, I missed them today when half of them were missing. Im gonna rest up and make this…



One of those days where you wonder-though you already know the answer-'do they know why Im here?!?!?'

Fitness Made Easy

I could write my opinions of this site but Ill let you form your own opinions. I like it because its:

FREEvoid of any gimmicks/commercials/pop-ups/ musicno small talk-makes you feel like you are in the room with your own personal traineryou can tailor the workouts to your own needs and fitness levels-this includes how long you work outyou dont need any equipment to do many,if not most,of these workoutsthey really do work you out! Im currently out of breath while typing thismany different types of workouts-yoga,pilates,HIIT,cardio,fat burn,etcdid I mention its FREE?and this voids out excuses of no money (because if youre reading this you have internet!),no equipment, no time (because youre spending time sitting there!).Just get the drive and do a short video.
Your heart will thank you with a few thousand more pumps with each video you finish!!

start HERE!

The Lice Lie

It started with one little girl who came up to me, itching, and telling me something about her head.I thought she had hurt herself but didnt see or feel anything. Based on what she was saying to me (in arabic) and her conversation with another child who came to be of assistance (after seeing his response), I figured she was telling me she had lice. I then asked her in English but she didnt know what lice was. Another student seemed to confirm my question and she said lice as if she knew what it was-in perfect English.

at this point, there is no confirmation and class continues as scheduled.

Coteacher arrives and amazingly I remember and have her repeat what she said.CT immediately takes her to nurse. Of course, she returns. Days later, more are added to this little party in my room. And to this point, Im still concerned but not for myself.

Because "black people dont get lice". And thats what Ive always heard.

But the number continues to rise. And one of my sweet girls sat o…

sneak peek! Weddings

Its not often that you get to see inside an Arabic wedding.There are no cameras allowed inside besides those of the photographer and even she will get some dirty looks from people who think she is taking their picture. People cover,turn, and scurry away from the line of sight.

So if you havent been to a wedding,its difficult to know what it looks like and to understand the experience. Being invited to a wedding is an exciting event. Its probably the only time many of us will be in the company of an Arabic family and to get a small glimpse of what it is like.Though it doesnt tell you much because its a rather formal affair. A couple things? They like to have fun, sing, and dance just like the rest of us. They are beautiful and have shapes to die for under those abayas.

Ive had the pleasure of going to a men's wedding party a women's wedding party, and one that was together, though in a separate room.Ive yet to go to an Egyptian (for example) wedding where they celebrate togeth…

Abu Dhabi product review-Paradontax

There are quite a few products I use here that I wouldnt have otherwise.And being the (fine or not so fine) westerners that we are, we may or may not be inclined to use a product we have never heard about before. But I am willing to try a product that has good reviews as well as products that may be more natural. So I figure why not share my experiences with products Ive come across here. Today Ill start with toothpaste.

Soon after we came, we needed some toothpaste and this one caught my eye. I came home and googled the product to read reviews and they were promising. Customers spoke of healthier gums, not needing deep cleanings, helping to reverse gingivitis and impending periodontal disease. I was sold. Ever since then,Ive been using the product and I am pleased. If you are against flouride, there is a non flouride option but I would read the ingredient list on that package just to make sure. They also have a gentle whitening option but my teeth are white already so I cant speak o…

DO NOT Teach English in _______ if You are These Types of People *video added*

Im glad he said it!

What Makes a Good Phonics Minilesson? *video added*

Korea on the Brain

This year isnt over but I was feeling over it. First time in my teaching career. Im better now. Perspective people. Perspective.I tend to jump around a lot in my head. Thinking one minute about next week, then next year, and everywhere in between. A lot of self-talk tends to help me out with that.

Right now, Im thinking about South Korea. Ive been thinking about it off and on for awhile and I have time to make a decision but its looking like a nice option for us. I have another year here which hasnt even begun to start but I like to look ahead to the future. Ill be spending quite a bit of time reading blogs and looking at the pros and cons as well as thinking about transitioning to a life with minimal material items-both in terms of housing and personal affects. I think thats a good thing for various reasons.

In the meantime, I should probably spend a little less time with Macintosh, and more time reading my investment books. Take advantage of all the opportunities life brings your w…

Travel Woes

I tend to be particular about what I spend my money on.This is especially so if and when I go on a trip because if it sucks, I have that nagging thought in the back of my mind the entire time. And herein lies the dilemma.

I am concurrently thinking about my next job location as well as where we will travel to next spring break. YES. Already,lol.Thats because our trips are paid for in cash and since this will be an eventful summer along with debt reduction, I need to have some idea about what I need to start saving after the summer break in addition to how much I should spend this summer.

*tell your money where to go or you will wonder where it went!*

Sooooo...Im realizing that, although the world is full of some BEAUTIFUL places, some of them are best observed (by me) in a book or on a screen. (gasp if you will). I say this because some places are taken from aerial views that I will not be able to see in that same location. Some places are so peaceful, so serene and I once thought I …

Back and Forth

Im so torn. Im starting to think of my next location but I cant quite make up my mind.


One of my first ideas was tarnished by things I kept reading about the area. The good was outweighed by the bad and the ugly. I will check out the country this summer but my thought is that they are no longer in the running but Im still looking and reading for any new information. I wish EVERYONE would blog! *selfish me*

side note: watching an old video about the city and the guy is talking about how the drinking water comes from the river-the same river that was infested with swine a few months ago. (throws up a little in my mouth)

The second place is under threat of WW3. Though the expat inhabitants dont seem too worried, it is still something to keep in mind. Buuuuuut, Im sure this wont be an issue by the time Im ready to make a move.

What do I want?

A cultured placeFreedom to do what I want however I choose. Not that Im a scandalous woman but Id like to not feel like a slut because Im weari…