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A Healthy Balance

You need it with all things. Especially here. You start to live like you wouldnt at home (or maybe you do,idk) and pretty soon you wonder what in the world you were thinking.You have nothing to show for your time here.Sure, some memories but little to no money. Maybe even a deficit. Its imperative to have a healthy balance. This means you will be saying no. A lot. Either they will stop asking or you will get tired of saying it but stick to your guns. Its a necessary evil. And I would dare to say that it doesnt matter if you have massive debt or no debt it is still wise to save and invest for the future. It makes life later that much easier.

Thats not to say it is easy to do so. So many people have Fannie and Freddie and Sallie and only God knows who else with their hands out. PAY THEM. And maybe there will be less hands when you reach good ol' American soil again,lol.

But I digress. The point of this entry was to say that my healthy balance is to have one trip per year. Yep.Only …

In all honesty

I wonder how many teachers love their students. I mean, genuinely love them. Well, as much as a teacher can love a student. Percentage-wise I guess. I also wonder if the percentages vary drastically depending on what grade or subject he/she teaches.


Summer Options

I thought about writing about spring break but I didnt do much worth mentioning so I wont bother.

In just a couple months, school will be out and it will be time to pack my bags for an adventurous trip to   regions unknown to me. Last year, I imagined traipsing from city to city but thats not going to happen as Im balancing responsibility with leisure. I do believe I am doing a very good job at it too! Add to that, I don't think I like to travel as much as I like the thought of traveling. Go figure!

I have the itch, though. I want to volunteer. Id love nothing more than to go to Ghana and do that but Id rather us go together.Maybe next year. As far as this year is concerned, Im searching for someplace not too remote, for something that involves children, and something that isn't too far from my primary summer location.I have time so I hope I find someplace.

Giving is living!


this is where Im going tomorrow for two days with two lovely ladies.Hope to relax and have fun times :-)