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What tier are you?

Lately Ive been reading about other countries and looking at schools to get an idea of where I may want to go next. Options, right?

I came to the conclusion that one must know what tier they are in before considering a place to live.Ill explain...

Tier one

Its not too different from your place of origin. You can read everything, you see things you recognize from home, you have western amenities at your fingertips and there are quite a few western places to eat.You can usually find clothes that fit your body even if you are not the same size as the people who call the country home.Its not difficult for you to stay in contact with people from home. Accommodations are quite comfortable and may even better than what you were living in back home. Healthcare may be very good or you may have to speak to other expats but you will find a doctor who can help you in most instances.You (usually) dont have to fear losing a limb over a minor incident.Transportation is not a major issue. You can dri…

highlight of my day

After subbing in a class for the English teacher who was absent, I packed up, said goodbye and walked down the hallway to my class to complete the remainder of my day. Im halfway down the hall when I hear, "teeeeaaaaacheeeeeeerrrrrrr!!!"

I turn around to see the smallest boy in the class running full speed down the hallway, arms stretched wide open for a hug. I immediately start smiling and was so ready for my hug,lol. I bent down and he wrapped his arms around my neck. I picked him up, returned his hug, and sent him back to class.

I looooove hugs!
(from little people who really mean it,lol)