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i dont know if I was on the radio today but...


Ive never won anything from the radio so I was excited! Its to a bar/restaurant in Dubai with food and drinks so it should be fun! I cant wait!!!!

Now I just have to find something to wear,lol.

order it!

you have to make a decision about what is ok to buy here and what you should send for. For instance, if its something I should just learn to live without, I dont bother. If Im home visiting, I make a decision about whether I should bring it back. Like poultry seasoning (for a proper southern,savory dressing aka stuffing). I brought enough to last me until my next trip home.

Other things, like shampoo or some hair products. I really couldnt bring enough to last as those things are heavy so I make do with what is here.Luckily, my kind of hair is resilient to the water so Im not having much problems aside from dryness which coconut water seems to be helping with.

Anyway. One thing I made sure to bring enough of was bras. And I had so many that it wasnt necessary to get some last year. But now? Now its about the time to figure something out. And if youre a lady, you know when you need to throw that bra out,lol. Its definitely about that time. And, yes, I could look here but Im not on the…

lost in translation

or should I say enunciation....

conversation at work with the Arabic teacher:

me: We are having a party (pronounced the lazy, American way- pardy) on Thursday


me:yeah, pardy, hefla? (wondering why she doesnt know the word party

her:shu (what is) parody? something something something in Arabic and then "parTy. lol. Basically she was saying she knew the word parTy when enunciated correctly. I laughed and apologized for my sloppy English.

My Arabic teacher is funny among other things, all of which Ive mentioned before.ugh, I sure hope they keep her or Im going to be soooooo saaaaaaad!

statistically speaking

You hear it all the time here.

"I dont know one person who..."

"Everyone I know says/did/feels..."

and then people take it and run.

As teachers and (hopefully) intelligent adults, I would hope one doesnt possibly think their small circle of people is an adequate sample that proves your theory to be correct. Every time I read it, it makes me cringe. And thats not to say that what someone is saying is not true except for the fact that their statement usually doesnt include the prospect of their statement not holding as much weight as they would like to think.

This includes comments like-

"65% of the teachers left from the last group."

Is that because "everyone you know" left?

And none of this is to negate the fact that some people are very unhappy and that some of the things said are, in fact, true.  Just dont make statements as if they are certified gold when you dont have real numbers (and if you are a teacher, you pro…