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The Khaladiya Day From Hell

Though I have something important to do before bedtime, I cant let this day pass without talking about how horrible it became once I left the house in route to the mall for what I thought would be a pretty good day with the crew.

yeah, I have a crew,lololol. But I digress...

After it was all over C said we should have known when it all started at PJ's when they did not have pepperoni for the pizza. They also didnt have spinach alfredo for the chicken florentine pizza (which I think is their best pizza but dont take my word for it). We then left there to find something to eat before we ventured into the theatre for some laughs (or so we thought).

The other C and I recommended a place for C to eat because they had something good on the menu.What they gave her, though, was not at all what we had gotten when ordering the same thing from another restaurant of the same name. They basically gave her a can of tomatoes and a piece of toast.


Next, we go to the movie to see This is 40…

1st week back

I had a wonderful first week back at school. The kids slid right back in to routine and loved the new items in centers.They have rolled right back into it and watching them makes me wish I had more teaching time for them to take advantage of the centers.

I do still miss my kids from last year though.They were all huggy/kissy and we were very close.These kids just have different personalities but its all good.

Tomorrow is kids park zoo and Im sure itll be fun. Im sure itll be summer time before I know it!

my apologies

I just read a post about late night drilling...well, not too late but late for parents who send their children to bed at appropriate times. And now there is drilling in my house...and I am sorry.

After two years I finally took my curtains to be hemmed and put up. They said two days but called me around 830 and said they were coming to bring them.I said ok while trying to process the fact that I was getting same day service (which is virtually unheard of here!) but I should have asked them to wait til tomorrow. My bad.

Now Im tired and want to be in bed.They are in the bedroom putting them up now and it is currently plan was to be in bed at 830!!!!!!!!!!!!! omg, Im going to be soooo tired in the morning.

Im sure, though, that I will appreciate them once they are up which will hopefully be soon.

Now, if I could only find some pillows that compliment the color pattern that I desire. I wont hold my breath on that one.