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Where Have You Gone?

The month is almost over and it seems Ive not written much. Not because I haven't had the chance. Just being lazy about it. Not much is going on. School ended on a high note with a few mishaps-flooding of the school, still working on the science room,fog (no students),practicing for National day,etc. So much and yet so little seemed to happen this term. I didn't even get to pass out my most improved certificates. I do hope that the new term provides more opportunity for teaching. I also hope the principal comes that I think about it, I miss her walking around school looking at us,lol.

This is the last week of our three week break. Time to start going to bed at a more reasonable time. I also need to finally finish getting rid of clutter and cleaning up as the Mr. will be making his return soon! We have plans to do more than sit in front of a screen.

ooooomg, Im certain this year will be ending before I know it. Im done posting about where Im going or what Im going t…


We tend to hold on to things we don't need. Because, well, "we might need it one day". Especially as teachers. Often we DO use these things. In my case, too many times I don't. I have gotten so much better over the years. Before moving here I went through an extensive purging and it felt good. I think about it often here. I haven't had to do a major cleaning, though, since I don't have that many things. I  do find that I have collected little things from different places. Not from travels, but because there are often free things passed out like candy here.

I know I have too many things. As soon as he was gone, I took over his closet space as if I couldn't make it without it. What was I doing before he left?! I figure now is the perfect time to go through our space and ease the burden of having stuff. My thoughts started with the fact that I don't want to be a slave to material things. Of course, we all like stuff but I go back and forth with that and…

Busy Week

Its been a long week.loooooong.I think Ive found everything I can for science at this age/ability group. The room is coming along well. Silly me, I thought Id finish today after school. I worked from noon tip 3-MAYBE took 15 mins to eat-but its still not done. Im pleased with the work thus far though. I kind of want to see how the classes use it. But Im putting the cart before the horse. I have to make sure there are things to do in there. I have to call a meeting but we are all so busy with other committees I almost feel guilty or like I am imposing. We do have a good group so I don't think anyone would chop my head off. Not to mention I also have to work on my own committee to produce the things Ive been assigned.


But thank God it is Thursday. I can rest for a bit. I could totally go for a nap but that would be counter productive as I would wake up at the crack of dawn tomorrow.No bueno.

Oh, and how could I forget? There is a book fair o…


If I wait for cream of tarter ( I always want to say cream of tarter sauce), the kids will never have any play dough. So today I thought, 'why not look for an alternative to COT since the consensus is that using that is a better recipe-lasts longer. I have 20+ kids who use play dough probably every day so I need it to last as long as possible. In addition, I want them to work more on making letters and manipulating the dough. Not only because of my weak handed students but because I want to go in the kitchen to bake letters/numbers/etc and this will be good practice.

So I found this recipe and it seems ok. I must say that I prefer using the microwave as it is non stick and you don't have to sit there and stir,stir,stir! I made two batches. One for the dramatic play area which will be used as a kitchen and another for the literacy center. They'll be so excited tomorrow-and I will be too if this play dough stands up to my expectations. At this point, as long as it doesn'…

Hit the Ground Running

After a week of running on E in terms of energy but running on F in terms of germs, I woke up feeling like myself again. Thanks to a long nap and a full night's rest I can carry on with my long list of things to do. After the initial excitement of being handed the keys to the car, so to speak, I am now a little concerned about whether I will return the car in a manner that's pleasing with the owner. On the one hand, she trusts me to get the job done. On the other hand, I know that she likes things a certain way. And science isn't always clean or cute. I  must find balance,lol.

There are a few things I know I have to return with come Monday. Sensory tables are one of those things. Hoping to come back with some piping and Im not sure what else. Im open to whatever I might see because you have to be creative when repurposing things-especially here.

I can't wait to see them use the science room. exciting!

Just Like Old Times

Im feeling sick and didnt want to go in today. I lay in bed contemplating whether or not to just stay there. I decided against my body and went in. Good thing because my coteacher was out today. They would have been wondering what was going on if both of their teachers were absent!

We had a good day. Im used to having kids the full day so it wasnt a big deal even though there were no specials today. The room is big enough for them to work on something else while I prep for the next activity. My main goal today was getting the sensory bottles done and Im so glad they were excited about it because they were the one of the motivating forces for me getting out of bed today! They would have hurt my feelings if they were like, "I dont want to make that!". They worked so well today-putting various items in their bottles. It went better than Id expected with it being just me. Especially since there were only 2 kids absent. I hope they arent in the trash by now!

Im sure theyll be ha…

My Kiddies

The kids talk at lunch and,for the most part, I dont know what they are saying. There is one student who speaks English and I am tickled at the things he says sometimes. (ie. To his friend after lunch, "brush your teeth! Yes! I want to see you brush your teeth!" with much enthusiasm). There is one conversation that I can understand and it warms my heart!

As they eat, they point out the letters that begin with their names as well as the names of their classmates. Thats ELEVEN letters at this point just from playing games and doing activities that begin with their names. Take that LOTW,lol.

Every Little Bit Helps

I love my family SO MUCH! And if you are away from your family, you know how it can be sometimes.Unfortunately, one of my family members has been diagnosed with scleroderma and we are working as a unit to help her get the treatment she needs. There is quite a bit of information available. Admittedly, funding is lacking for research and a cure.

Please click the link below for more information about my cousin. And if you are so inclined, PLEASE DONATE. Any amount is greatly appreciated!

Killin It

Fatima ran to me, arms wide, smile even wider. No doubt, she was in such a good mood because she knew she was working it today,lol.

It was the last day before the Eid holiday so we had a party. The kg1's and kg2's came to school in mini ball gowns and prom dresses. She had on a green, rouched, mermaid dress and her hair was down. She sashayed across the gym like a little lady. It's always fun to see the pretty dresses, the makeup, and the pretty hair styles. Well, after you get over the initial shock of it all,lol.

What's Next?

I admit, it's hard to start a year when your brain is turning with ideas about where you may go next.
And I have Shanghai on the brain. Ive not set my heart on it as I dont know what's in store for me but Im looking at schools and every time I see the words "balanced literacy, writing workshop,reading workshop,play is learning,project based,etc" my insides tingle and I get all excited about the possibilities.

Im sure this is the reason why it feels like Ive been back forever when it has only been 1 month. Usually, time is of little concern to me as I want to be sure and enjoy the now-things will progress as they should.At the same time, I have moves to make and Im not going to miss the boat!

Update From the Summer

I neglected to write about my third week in Xian as well as my week of travel while away. I havent forgotten, its on my list of things to do. I have tons of pictures that will be added as well.

But Im back in the Dabs and work has started. I have what I feel like is a good class and cant wait to get started with them. Im currently drying some tears and working towards getting them to  understand my expectations. This is my first year with kg1 and my first year starting out with a permanent teacher so we are, in fact, sharing a classroom. Its a bit different. This year is also different because Im taking a bit of a step back since she is a new graduate and I want her to be able to make decisions and figure things out.At some point we wont be here.And Ive gotten to the point where Im ok with doing that,lol. Ive been so territorial over 'my kids',lol.

In social news, I went to my first ever wine tasting. Not quite what I imagined. And I probably couldnt tell you names of what I …


Its serious over here! I have specific hydrating times so I dont get caught slipping! And while its annoying waking up too many times to count while youd rather be sleeping, its better than the alternative. Also, if you THINK you may have to use the bathroom while you are out, consider a few things. 
#1. Did you bring tissue or baby wipes? #2. What kind of shoes are you wearing? #3. Are you wearing pants that touch the floor? #4. If you are wearing long shorts, will they touch the floor when you pull them down? #5. Will  you be ok when-not if-the smell gets in your mouth???
This is why I Just Say No,lol. Id honestly rather do like this little guy and go on the street-its much cleaner!
All the babies wear them! But thats another topic for another day.

Ju Hua Cha

Also known as Chrysanthemum tea. Apparently, it has many benefits of which I was unaware. I was craving tea and since Ive not yet been to a tea house (shameful, I know). I decided to walk to, of all places, Walmart and get some tea.I actually didnt know what type of tea it was until I got home but it was 15 quai so no love loss if I didnt like it. Its actually smooth and no need to add sugar or honey.

Here are a couple other links: Beat the Heat With Ju Hua Cha and 10 Health Benefits of Chrysanthemum Tea

and pictures of my tea and new cast iron tea set!

Bowsers.Ive been eating them all week. They have meat and idk what else inside. They are yummy and you get ten for 5 quai (sp?)
My new tea kettle.I love cast iron!
The tea I bought
kettle came with two little cups
first time have tea like this-flowers instead of leaves
inside of kettle.

Week 2 in Xian

Earlier this year I wrote about living in various places abroad. This is definitely tier two living. see here for my explanation. Its not a major issue but there are things I would do IF I knew how to get there AND could have someone to communicate with once I got there. The tea market, the antique market, the herb/spice market to name a few. Last night we went to the Big Goose Bagoda. Or is it Pagoda? I really should know,lol.Anyway, there is a strip of restaurants adjacent to it so we ate at a German restaurant and I decided to do something I never do-eat steak! It was thin and tasted good.After that, we headed over to see what this tourist attraction had in store.

If you are a person who doesnt like touristy places, this isnt a place you would necessarily like. I hope to compile my vids and post them but that will have to wait til I get back home. We missed the water show but everything is lit up, people are selling things that light up and fly. There are stores that are a little,…

Xi'an week 1

Im gonna go ahead and start out giving a shout out to the Dabs,lol. People who havent lived anywhere else outside of their home country and who have loads to say about the Dabs should maybe try living someplace else where your language isnt spoken. Unless you are a language learner, its quite difficult. Very few things are written in English.I cant take a cab or ride the bus as a visitor. They do have a train and I can take that and as long as I know exactly where Im going, its good.If I happen to get turned around,forget it.If you find someone who speaks English,you are extremely lucky! The other day it took an extended conversation to get an order of ice cream without strawberries.Actually, I wanted a cone-which was right beside the cups-but I couldnt get her to understand thats what I wanted so cup it was.

So far, Ive eaten at quite a few Chinese restaurants.1 Japanese restaurant, and a couple western places where I enjoyed having pork in my meal. Ive gone to the bell and drum tow…

Ortho Overload

Went to the dentist today and it was a bit too much for me. I didnt have my normal person because I have things to do and had to go early. I ended up with this guy that reminded me of Johnny Bravo-the Lebanese version,haha. IDK if he is or not.ijs. Anyway, he seemed very unsure of himself and asked many questions when talking to the Dr.s/instructors. Yeah,yeah,they are students but I guess I expect some sort of confidence. Look at my file before or when  you bring me back.Dont ask ME what you are going to do. IM NOT THE DR! Of course, my confidence in him was rather low. Then he didnt wear a mask, which was uber irritating. I found myself working to hold my mouth open while holding my breath because I didnt want to breathe his air.Really dude?

What else? Oh, when I got downstairs I had a cracker and the bracket in the back popped off so I went right back up. Immediately after his look of disapproval, I told him that a cracker was not a reason for the bracket to come off. Rather than …

Must Have Resource for the Ladies!

Travel fashion for anyone from the minimalist to the "omg,what if I want to wear THIS?!"

check out the above link for help.I just took so many unnecessary things out of my luggage!

Universal Language

Im back but cant begin to start blogging. At the most, Ive broken it up into topics so that Im not all over the place. But today as I was looking in the mirror, I laughed out loud to myself thinking about the honey color eyed girl at the monkey temple. I could hear them from afar trying to guess where I was from. I told them America but that their guess of Africa was a good one. She told me I was beautiful though Im not sure if she was being honest or trying to butter us up for the oki-doke aka $$.

They followed us around for quite some time.All the while she was giving me the once over,studying my features I suppose because she made mention of some of them. The one that made me smile was when she said I had a big forehead,haha. Sad but indeed true. I laughed and told her, "yes,it is big". This wasnt in English, of course, but its not that hard to tell someone something like that and its not like Ive not heard it before. Gotta learn to laugh at yourself.I got it honest so m…

another sneak peak

it would seem I have a fascination with door locks and bright colors. I also quite like the details of the things I see.I noticed it when I was photographing a friend.I doubt that others are as interested in seeing those details if offered a choice of seeing the overall this my signature?I suppose time will tell.

Give it a Rest

A couple days ago I was going through,lol. At some point, not sure when or why,I calmed down and realized that its only 6 days, I need to let go and experience the trip and all it has to offer, and I need to stop acting like a spoiled American.I was so stressed about a couple western amenities. One of them, I have done before so it shouldnt be so bad. The other(s), Ive not done and would prefer not to-ever-but it's coming with the territory. Once I come back, Ill spill the beans...the good, the bad, and the ugly.

My Weekend in Review

First, I am ashamed to admit that this weekend was my first time at Rooftop Rhythms. I think its wonderful that there is a spoken word venue here for us to enjoy.It felt like home.Its been so long since Ive gone to an event like that. It used to be a regular occurrence for me.When we reconvene next school year, I plan on being a regular. I ended up being a judge for the slam competition. It was good and there were some really good artists. The MC, Dorian,had a wonderful piece that made my eyes water.It was magnificent.

sn:whenever I see,hear, or think about something that I reeeaaaally like, my eyes water.go figure

I had to turn around and wake up way too early, but for a good reason, I went to Dubai for-well two good reasons. First, I took (engagement) photos for two of my friends here.They were so cute together and it was something different from the beach or dessert, which was my aim. Had it not been for the nap I so desperately needed, I would have come home and poured over them. …

Celestial Teachers

You would think some of these teachers have decided to leave the comforts of heaven to come down and teach here.

What other explanation could there be if everything before this was perfection?

Its the weekend.

Pay it Forward

I got a message today that brightened my day :-)

Hey I jus realized from my "grits" post that you were the one who gave me the helpful advice before I signed up to come here back in 2011. Just wanna say thanks. You really helped me a lot. I'm glad I made the decision to come. I've settled in well and I thought I would miss my family but I actually stay closely connected with FB and Skype and bbm. And the holidays home help too. I love my school and my co teacher. It's a great experience and looking forward to another year. So just wanted to say thanks .. Even if its 2 years later!! 

In Retrospect

I remember the first year we were here. It drove me crazy how people would talk through meetings and act as if someone wasnt talking in the front of the room. Someone who was supposed to be a person of authority.Fast forward to the end of the year-it was time for us to each have a PD for the fellow teachers to listen to and participate in. I was DREADING it because my emotions often show on my face and I didnt want to be in the front of all the staff pissed off. What happened that day threw me and I thought that surely it was a fluke. THEY LISTENED! And not only did they listen, they seemed to be genuinely interested and wanted to know more about what I presented. The only problem was that it was at the end of the school year and without another PD to show them how they could do it in Arabic, it didnt quite have the effect Id wanted it to. It was, however, sort of an interview process which I passed to be able to work with the teacher of my choice that following year,lol.

Fast forwar…

Abu Dhabi Product Review-VICCO turmeric-wso

A few months ago, I ventured into the natural deodorant arena and made my own using a simple recipe comprised on coconut oil, baking soda, and corn starch. The recipe worked but there is a bit of a science to it as not every combination works for each individual. I ended up getting burned on a couple occasions and it wasnt pretty. To make a long story short, this burning led to hyperpigmentation on my arm pits-which does not make for a nice sight! I started looking for a product-or range of products-I could use to help get me to the correct color. All the while wondering why I had to suffer through all of this for trying to make a healthy decision!!!!

Insert above product. I saw it in Lulu's and came home to google the product. I found lots of good reviews and decided to get some for myself. In addition to a more even complexion, some said they noticed less hair growth and that definitely was a plus. I started using it twice a day before deodorant (and after scrubbing my pits wit…

Soon Enough

I feel like I should have chopsticks to eat my dinner.I'm sure I'll be longing for a fork soon!


Im by  no means a technological person. Downloading videos from youtube seemed like something too difficult for me to bother with. Sad to say that was without me even trying. I am happy to say, though,that I finally decided that I was going to look it up only to be pleasantly surprised by how easy it is with a simple download.
It gives you an interface that is like looking up videos while online.Simply click the download button and you have the video in a minute. This is uber wonderful as I have many videos Id like to show in class but couldnt because youtube was blocked (which I completely understand). 
This guy explains so I won't reinvent the wheel :-) He also tells you how to download a program for windows users.

Mini Rant

It's a love/hate relationship. You 'need' them for helpful information, updates you wouldn't otherwise get,to verify rumors, to get in touch with people,etc.You hate to have them on your feed because people post crazy things, they attack people's beliefs,argue because you like it here, argue because you hate it here, argue because some people can make peace with something happening or not happening and others refuse to make that peace with said issues. Its a mad house. One to which I continue to return to,lol. Hey, it could be worse.It could be in person!!!!!

My specific rant today is one I may have already covered though I refuse to go back to check. And that would be stupid responses-from adults no less.And this may offend but if it does, you may be a guilty party and for that I cannot apologize. And Ill put it as bluntly as humanly possible-If someone asks for a referral (or general information) it is because they need it and hope to use this 'community'…

Yacht day

First night yacht party.saw Ryan Leslie today at the Dubai Marina.I totally sounded like a girl when I said 'hi Ryan',,being the introvert that I am,im downstairs having me time listening to some music.maybe barasti after.or home.decisions,decisions.

Lazy Bones

I could blame my laziness on living in Abu Dhabi on an Island and not wanting to leave my apartment once I get in.But that would mean Im not taking responsibility for my action. Or inaction I should say. Ive been putting off pertinent things. Things that have to get done or X,Y,Z will not happen. And X,Y,Z are very important things. Procrastination is an ugly disease. Maybe I am a victim,lol.

So, rather than put on some shoes and a decent shirt I am here.Typing. I need passport pictures. I thought I had a couple but I couldnt tell you where they were if you offered me a million dollars. And to top it off, Im sure they will pop up after I go and buy some-which would entail going downstairs to the atm and then hunting for a parking space and getting the pics done.Mind you, the atm is DOWNSTAIRS and the shop is 15 mins from here-TOPS- with traffic.


Sigh. Im going to look on my desk as thoroughly as is humanly possible for me. The same desk I searched the other day for somethi…

Bon Appetit!

So I learned to make arepas with my friend yesterday and my freezer is full of them! They are so simple to make and simple to cook when the time comes. In the meantime, they are wrapped and waiting for consumption.

In addition to being filling, they are so quick and convenient. They remind me of ho cakes. If you are southern, you know what that means. If not,lol,oh well. These are Columbian but they have other versions in other Latin countries.Im not sure how they differ.

This is another addition to my small repertoire of recipes. I have some Thai dishes that I learned how to make at a cooking class in Chang Mai and Im hoping to get a cooking class from a parent at school for some "Arabic" dishes. In parenthesis because the dishes arent necessarily Arabic, its just what they eat here.Ive opened my protected palette to some very good food. Though some of that protection has not been voluntary-its just that exposure varies based on where you live.Now that I am more aware, I c…

Dire straits

When I packed a year's supply I was being smart! I had no idea I would be skipping home this year.I am running so low it is scary.And let me just say that all lemon pepper is not created equally!!! So,I appeal to anyone who reads me...if you are coming over or are going home for break and have the desire/ability to bring me this brand of lemon pepper I would be eternally grateful!!!!!

Fast Forward

After a very nice comment,I decided to scroll back a few months to see what Ive been talking about,lol. I have more good than bad to speak of and thats always a wonderful thing. Lately Ive been noticing something in class that I spoke about in January. Im happy to say that it has now changed :-). I used to miss the hugs and 'I love you's' from the kids and resigned myself to the fact that not all kids will be that affectionate towards you. And that maybe, just maybe, they don't love me like the class did last year.hahaha. I have to admit, that wasnt a very happy thought but if it's the truth what can you do?

Now that school is drawing towards a close, they are very forthcoming with the love in words and action. And not only that but they are using more English than my last two classes combined and they didnt even have school the previous year. Though they worked my nerves this week, I missed them today when half of them were missing. Im gonna rest up and make this…



One of those days where you wonder-though you already know the answer-'do they know why Im here?!?!?'

Fitness Made Easy

I could write my opinions of this site but Ill let you form your own opinions. I like it because its:

FREEvoid of any gimmicks/commercials/pop-ups/ musicno small talk-makes you feel like you are in the room with your own personal traineryou can tailor the workouts to your own needs and fitness levels-this includes how long you work outyou dont need any equipment to do many,if not most,of these workoutsthey really do work you out! Im currently out of breath while typing thismany different types of workouts-yoga,pilates,HIIT,cardio,fat burn,etcdid I mention its FREE?and this voids out excuses of no money (because if youre reading this you have internet!),no equipment, no time (because youre spending time sitting there!).Just get the drive and do a short video.
Your heart will thank you with a few thousand more pumps with each video you finish!!

start HERE!

The Lice Lie

It started with one little girl who came up to me, itching, and telling me something about her head.I thought she had hurt herself but didnt see or feel anything. Based on what she was saying to me (in arabic) and her conversation with another child who came to be of assistance (after seeing his response), I figured she was telling me she had lice. I then asked her in English but she didnt know what lice was. Another student seemed to confirm my question and she said lice as if she knew what it was-in perfect English.

at this point, there is no confirmation and class continues as scheduled.

Coteacher arrives and amazingly I remember and have her repeat what she said.CT immediately takes her to nurse. Of course, she returns. Days later, more are added to this little party in my room. And to this point, Im still concerned but not for myself.

Because "black people dont get lice". And thats what Ive always heard.

But the number continues to rise. And one of my sweet girls sat o…

sneak peek! Weddings

Its not often that you get to see inside an Arabic wedding.There are no cameras allowed inside besides those of the photographer and even she will get some dirty looks from people who think she is taking their picture. People cover,turn, and scurry away from the line of sight.

So if you havent been to a wedding,its difficult to know what it looks like and to understand the experience. Being invited to a wedding is an exciting event. Its probably the only time many of us will be in the company of an Arabic family and to get a small glimpse of what it is like.Though it doesnt tell you much because its a rather formal affair. A couple things? They like to have fun, sing, and dance just like the rest of us. They are beautiful and have shapes to die for under those abayas.

Ive had the pleasure of going to a men's wedding party a women's wedding party, and one that was together, though in a separate room.Ive yet to go to an Egyptian (for example) wedding where they celebrate togeth…

Abu Dhabi product review-Paradontax

There are quite a few products I use here that I wouldnt have otherwise.And being the (fine or not so fine) westerners that we are, we may or may not be inclined to use a product we have never heard about before. But I am willing to try a product that has good reviews as well as products that may be more natural. So I figure why not share my experiences with products Ive come across here. Today Ill start with toothpaste.

Soon after we came, we needed some toothpaste and this one caught my eye. I came home and googled the product to read reviews and they were promising. Customers spoke of healthier gums, not needing deep cleanings, helping to reverse gingivitis and impending periodontal disease. I was sold. Ever since then,Ive been using the product and I am pleased. If you are against flouride, there is a non flouride option but I would read the ingredient list on that package just to make sure. They also have a gentle whitening option but my teeth are white already so I cant speak o…

DO NOT Teach English in _______ if You are These Types of People *video added*

Im glad he said it!

What Makes a Good Phonics Minilesson? *video added*

Korea on the Brain

This year isnt over but I was feeling over it. First time in my teaching career. Im better now. Perspective people. Perspective.I tend to jump around a lot in my head. Thinking one minute about next week, then next year, and everywhere in between. A lot of self-talk tends to help me out with that.

Right now, Im thinking about South Korea. Ive been thinking about it off and on for awhile and I have time to make a decision but its looking like a nice option for us. I have another year here which hasnt even begun to start but I like to look ahead to the future. Ill be spending quite a bit of time reading blogs and looking at the pros and cons as well as thinking about transitioning to a life with minimal material items-both in terms of housing and personal affects. I think thats a good thing for various reasons.

In the meantime, I should probably spend a little less time with Macintosh, and more time reading my investment books. Take advantage of all the opportunities life brings your w…

Travel Woes

I tend to be particular about what I spend my money on.This is especially so if and when I go on a trip because if it sucks, I have that nagging thought in the back of my mind the entire time. And herein lies the dilemma.

I am concurrently thinking about my next job location as well as where we will travel to next spring break. YES. Already,lol.Thats because our trips are paid for in cash and since this will be an eventful summer along with debt reduction, I need to have some idea about what I need to start saving after the summer break in addition to how much I should spend this summer.

*tell your money where to go or you will wonder where it went!*

Sooooo...Im realizing that, although the world is full of some BEAUTIFUL places, some of them are best observed (by me) in a book or on a screen. (gasp if you will). I say this because some places are taken from aerial views that I will not be able to see in that same location. Some places are so peaceful, so serene and I once thought I …

Back and Forth

Im so torn. Im starting to think of my next location but I cant quite make up my mind.


One of my first ideas was tarnished by things I kept reading about the area. The good was outweighed by the bad and the ugly. I will check out the country this summer but my thought is that they are no longer in the running but Im still looking and reading for any new information. I wish EVERYONE would blog! *selfish me*

side note: watching an old video about the city and the guy is talking about how the drinking water comes from the river-the same river that was infested with swine a few months ago. (throws up a little in my mouth)

The second place is under threat of WW3. Though the expat inhabitants dont seem too worried, it is still something to keep in mind. Buuuuuut, Im sure this wont be an issue by the time Im ready to make a move.

What do I want?

A cultured placeFreedom to do what I want however I choose. Not that Im a scandalous woman but Id like to not feel like a slut because Im weari…

A Healthy Balance

You need it with all things. Especially here. You start to live like you wouldnt at home (or maybe you do,idk) and pretty soon you wonder what in the world you were thinking.You have nothing to show for your time here.Sure, some memories but little to no money. Maybe even a deficit. Its imperative to have a healthy balance. This means you will be saying no. A lot. Either they will stop asking or you will get tired of saying it but stick to your guns. Its a necessary evil. And I would dare to say that it doesnt matter if you have massive debt or no debt it is still wise to save and invest for the future. It makes life later that much easier.

Thats not to say it is easy to do so. So many people have Fannie and Freddie and Sallie and only God knows who else with their hands out. PAY THEM. And maybe there will be less hands when you reach good ol' American soil again,lol.

But I digress. The point of this entry was to say that my healthy balance is to have one trip per year. Yep.Only …

In all honesty

I wonder how many teachers love their students. I mean, genuinely love them. Well, as much as a teacher can love a student. Percentage-wise I guess. I also wonder if the percentages vary drastically depending on what grade or subject he/she teaches.


Summer Options

I thought about writing about spring break but I didnt do much worth mentioning so I wont bother.

In just a couple months, school will be out and it will be time to pack my bags for an adventurous trip to   regions unknown to me. Last year, I imagined traipsing from city to city but thats not going to happen as Im balancing responsibility with leisure. I do believe I am doing a very good job at it too! Add to that, I don't think I like to travel as much as I like the thought of traveling. Go figure!

I have the itch, though. I want to volunteer. Id love nothing more than to go to Ghana and do that but Id rather us go together.Maybe next year. As far as this year is concerned, Im searching for someplace not too remote, for something that involves children, and something that isn't too far from my primary summer location.I have time so I hope I find someplace.

Giving is living!


this is where Im going tomorrow for two days with two lovely ladies.Hope to relax and have fun times :-)

What tier are you?

Lately Ive been reading about other countries and looking at schools to get an idea of where I may want to go next. Options, right?

I came to the conclusion that one must know what tier they are in before considering a place to live.Ill explain...

Tier one

Its not too different from your place of origin. You can read everything, you see things you recognize from home, you have western amenities at your fingertips and there are quite a few western places to eat.You can usually find clothes that fit your body even if you are not the same size as the people who call the country home.Its not difficult for you to stay in contact with people from home. Accommodations are quite comfortable and may even better than what you were living in back home. Healthcare may be very good or you may have to speak to other expats but you will find a doctor who can help you in most instances.You (usually) dont have to fear losing a limb over a minor incident.Transportation is not a major issue. You can dri…

highlight of my day

After subbing in a class for the English teacher who was absent, I packed up, said goodbye and walked down the hallway to my class to complete the remainder of my day. Im halfway down the hall when I hear, "teeeeaaaaacheeeeeeerrrrrrr!!!"

I turn around to see the smallest boy in the class running full speed down the hallway, arms stretched wide open for a hug. I immediately start smiling and was so ready for my hug,lol. I bent down and he wrapped his arms around my neck. I picked him up, returned his hug, and sent him back to class.

I looooove hugs!
(from little people who really mean it,lol)


i dont know if I was on the radio today but...


Ive never won anything from the radio so I was excited! Its to a bar/restaurant in Dubai with food and drinks so it should be fun! I cant wait!!!!

Now I just have to find something to wear,lol.

order it!

you have to make a decision about what is ok to buy here and what you should send for. For instance, if its something I should just learn to live without, I dont bother. If Im home visiting, I make a decision about whether I should bring it back. Like poultry seasoning (for a proper southern,savory dressing aka stuffing). I brought enough to last me until my next trip home.

Other things, like shampoo or some hair products. I really couldnt bring enough to last as those things are heavy so I make do with what is here.Luckily, my kind of hair is resilient to the water so Im not having much problems aside from dryness which coconut water seems to be helping with.

Anyway. One thing I made sure to bring enough of was bras. And I had so many that it wasnt necessary to get some last year. But now? Now its about the time to figure something out. And if youre a lady, you know when you need to throw that bra out,lol. Its definitely about that time. And, yes, I could look here but Im not on the…

lost in translation

or should I say enunciation....

conversation at work with the Arabic teacher:

me: We are having a party (pronounced the lazy, American way- pardy) on Thursday


me:yeah, pardy, hefla? (wondering why she doesnt know the word party

her:shu (what is) parody? something something something in Arabic and then "parTy. lol. Basically she was saying she knew the word parTy when enunciated correctly. I laughed and apologized for my sloppy English.

My Arabic teacher is funny among other things, all of which Ive mentioned before.ugh, I sure hope they keep her or Im going to be soooooo saaaaaaad!

statistically speaking

You hear it all the time here.

"I dont know one person who..."

"Everyone I know says/did/feels..."

and then people take it and run.

As teachers and (hopefully) intelligent adults, I would hope one doesnt possibly think their small circle of people is an adequate sample that proves your theory to be correct. Every time I read it, it makes me cringe. And thats not to say that what someone is saying is not true except for the fact that their statement usually doesnt include the prospect of their statement not holding as much weight as they would like to think.

This includes comments like-

"65% of the teachers left from the last group."

Is that because "everyone you know" left?

And none of this is to negate the fact that some people are very unhappy and that some of the things said are, in fact, true.  Just dont make statements as if they are certified gold when you dont have real numbers (and if you are a teacher, you pro…

The Khaladiya Day From Hell

Though I have something important to do before bedtime, I cant let this day pass without talking about how horrible it became once I left the house in route to the mall for what I thought would be a pretty good day with the crew.

yeah, I have a crew,lololol. But I digress...

After it was all over C said we should have known when it all started at PJ's when they did not have pepperoni for the pizza. They also didnt have spinach alfredo for the chicken florentine pizza (which I think is their best pizza but dont take my word for it). We then left there to find something to eat before we ventured into the theatre for some laughs (or so we thought).

The other C and I recommended a place for C to eat because they had something good on the menu.What they gave her, though, was not at all what we had gotten when ordering the same thing from another restaurant of the same name. They basically gave her a can of tomatoes and a piece of toast.


Next, we go to the movie to see This is 40…

1st week back

I had a wonderful first week back at school. The kids slid right back in to routine and loved the new items in centers.They have rolled right back into it and watching them makes me wish I had more teaching time for them to take advantage of the centers.

I do still miss my kids from last year though.They were all huggy/kissy and we were very close.These kids just have different personalities but its all good.

Tomorrow is kids park zoo and Im sure itll be fun. Im sure itll be summer time before I know it!

my apologies

I just read a post about late night drilling...well, not too late but late for parents who send their children to bed at appropriate times. And now there is drilling in my house...and I am sorry.

After two years I finally took my curtains to be hemmed and put up. They said two days but called me around 830 and said they were coming to bring them.I said ok while trying to process the fact that I was getting same day service (which is virtually unheard of here!) but I should have asked them to wait til tomorrow. My bad.

Now Im tired and want to be in bed.They are in the bedroom putting them up now and it is currently plan was to be in bed at 830!!!!!!!!!!!!! omg, Im going to be soooo tired in the morning.

Im sure, though, that I will appreciate them once they are up which will hopefully be soon.

Now, if I could only find some pillows that compliment the color pattern that I desire. I wont hold my breath on that one.