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cry baby

The older I get, the more things touch my heart. Good or bad depending on how you look at it I suppose. Today I read an article about layaway angels and it had me in tears. I guess just knowing that you can be such a blessing in someones life without them ever knowing you. I imagine it would make a profound impact in their lives.

I want to impact people's lives in that way. People I dont know. People I may have never met. It doesnt really matter. All I know is that from the time I learned the word, I wanted to be a philanthropist.

So if being out of the country is going to be the catalyst for this to happen. So be it.


not that it was officially on the list but I always wondered what they were like. . .

I was able to experience the men's side of a wedding today :-)


How was it? It was cool. In some ways, more interesting than going to a women's wedding. I say this because they had a group of men to perform throughout the ceremony. They sang traditional songs and played drums and I really enjoyed it.


My gums hurt!

and its all my fault. Well, Im almost sure it is.

I went to the dentist today go get my teeth cleaned. The facility was new, nice, and clean. More importantly, there were some expats/teachers who recommended the place and said they had nice experiences there. We went and all went well. He went first and then I did. My main concern was staining on my lower teeth bc of the braces. She took care of that. I keep looking in the mirror at my teeth...they look like they did before the braces and Im so very pleased with that!!! I was worried that it wouldnt go away. My ortho just says they can be whitened afterward but I have no interest in that as my teeth dont need whitening to begin with. If I need any blending then Ill deal with that issue in the moment.

Anyway, thats the good.The bad and the ugly is that it hurt. I dont floss so thats a part of it. Parts of my mouth were very sensitive but it was because she was thorough. Ive been swishing salt water and have even taken so…

seasons greetings

Everyone is flying out of here.Both literally and figuratively speaking. Im doing odd things around my apartment. Well, not odd...shall I say random? Yeah. While listening to the wonderful pandora.

Ill be here over the break as I went home for the summer. Im actually glad about that as I wont have the added stress of flying. Honestly, I was afraid of flying and getting stuck someplace, unable to get home or "home". Call me paranoid. It happened to my friend last year. She got stuck in Europe and almost didnt make it home. God forbid some crazy weather appear and we get stuck in Europe, Chicago, New York, or even Atlanta. I do believe summer is the best time to go home though many would agree that any time is the best time to go home,lol.

How am I going to spend this time? How can I stand to stay here any longer than I have to? Well, Ive done a pretty good job at making the places I live my home. My bed and my husband are here so this is my home.And I will spend my time doin…

A Little Taste of Home

Good ol' sweet tea!

I love it, but had resigned myself to the fact that Id only have the 'real deal' when I go home. It wasn't too bad, as I told myself I didnt need it anyway,that drinking sweet tea as much as we did growing up wasnt good for you anyway and that I wasnt missing anything.

oooooh the lies,lol.

After deciding I was going to cook a small southern dinner for the two of us, I felt like it wouldnt be the same without some good ol' sweet tea. So to my trusty facebook group pages I went to post the question. Im telling you, you just cant quit those pages because they tend to be useful,lol. (insert paula dean country southern voice here) 

 I was hopeful and determined to find this tea and didnt have to look far. After preparing the tea, I wasnt too hopeful as I didnt know what it would taste like. As soon as it hit the taste buds I began to smile with sheer joy! This was it!!!!!!

On top of the cornbread dressing (WITH poultry seasoning), macaroni and chees…

planning for the future

its no easy feat but has to be done. Its a delicate balance when trying to live for the moment while being responsible financially and thinking about preparing for your future. It can be done. Right now we are planning for/thinking about the future. Its important not to put all your eggs in one basket, and though some call me pessimistic, I also entertain worst case scenarios so that I will have some sort of idea what I may be able to do should the circumstance present itself. Add to that, not many things go as you plan them...your wheels could turn endlessly!


The point is this:

I keep abreast of potential opportunities, weigh them out as best I (we) can, and keep them in mind when looking toward the future. We are enjoying the life we have, experiencing new things but mainly living the "American dream" while not in America,lol. To me,that means going to a job that you enjoy, having an adequate amount of leisure time, food in your house, the means to indulge here in t…