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Hello. My name is______ and I am an introvert!

During your travels you meet people (or not), and begin to form a group of friends.Or at least acquaintances. During said time, we make note of where these people are from and sometimes form ideas about people from various areas based on information we have gathered. We all do it in some form or another. I try to remind myself that I cant overgeneralize  though it can be easy to do if you keep meeting a certain type of person over and over.

There is a certain type of person, though, that you will meet from every continent on this earth. And he or she may come across in a way that isnt too friendly. Before you make a mental note, this person may be someone who cant be placed in a category after a brief encounter (or multiple brief encounters) because those superficial conversations we all like (or dislike) having wont tell you anything genuine about this type of person.

Often this person is singled out because, statistically speaking, we are outnumbered. Add to that, we dont interact …

all that from a piece of art?

I finally got my art up. There were some pieces that I got from Thailand back in April. I couldnt go into the new year with them continuing to collect dust. There was beautiful art everywhere. If I had more room, I wouldve brought more.I was like a kid in a candy store and he had to drag me away with firm instructions to not buy anymore,lol. When they quoted the prices, I couldn't believe it. I almost felt guilty paying what I did for them. Ive always been a lover of art but said that I would only buy originals. Im amazed at the art you can get while traveling and the prices are unreal.

In addition to the art that I got from a vendor, he and I went to an art class (pictures here somewhere) and it was absolutely wonderful. If you go to Chiang Mai (which I highly recommend), you HAVE to go to this class.Peruse the blog for the info. So yeah, I learned that he is somewhat of an artist, though he doesnt really think so. Me, not so much. I did an abstract painting and one that looks v…

that awkward moment

So our lights never came back on and the people came and are coming to fix it. Problems solved (fingers crossed).

When they came, I was informed I had to call the company, because the issue was with them...something about red wires and something else,idk. Anyway, for a split second I thought that maybe it was because of the bill but I knew better because its only half of the apartment.

Its easy to forget about paying a bill like the lights. At home, they wouldve BEEN off. I cant tell you how long its been since Ive paid. Probably six months judging from the bill amount which, by the way, isnt, the reason the lights arent working.hahaha

Lets see, 500 dirham = 136 dollars

yep,for six months!

If it werent for Sallie Mae, ID BE RICH!!!!

And if you dont know her, you are truly blessed!

sick of it

they say you shouldnt say anything when youre mad.

well @#%&*#$@!*

Im sick of living in a place where the building isnt up to code in regards to safety issues. really.this is ridiculous!!! and dont tell me I have to pay for services or get a package for maintenance AND that you dont have the landlords information.

If this doesnt get resolved, Im going to have an interesting time when its time to move because I hear its a beast and I didnt have to deal with that before but Ill do it just so this person doesnt get another check for this place.

...and I was all set to do my accent wall(s). Oh well. Im keeping my eyes and ears open for a new place to live should the need arise!

one without safety hazards if such a thing exists!!!


Ok, so today was...interesting...

I havent been feeling my best lately. And normally its from kid germs-this time it was from an adult.Anyway, Ive been pushing through scratchy throat, sneezing the most juicy sneezes (eeew), coughing, dealing with congestion, stopped up nose (which is dry from all the blowing), etc. It started slowly, acted like it was going away, and then started up again.

This morning I got up to get ready for work but I just couldnt do it. I felt horrible.I got back in bed and then got up again to make a second attempt only to get back in bed. I was prolonging the inevitable and my body needed rest. After all, it does play a part in your body healing itself.But Im no doctor so what do I know???

I went to the doctor and it was nearly empty. Felt like my lucky day...until I got to the part of asking for  a note/excuse for today.

"you are fine. . .I dont give sick notes for colds. . .one day of rest is not going to make you feel better..."