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Taxing us!

At some point the change was made to the parking rules. No longer do you get a free pass after nine. And I read that they were going to change it to midnight but it didnt say when. I found out it has been moved to ten after leaving a nice night at cho gao for a drink and a night cap.

Fast forward about a half a day and I go in for car registration and I have 900 dirham worth of tickets. aaaand, NONE of them are speeding tickets. I have noooooooo idea how I got a 500 dirham ticket for parking. Actually, I know with certainty it wasnt me because at the time of the ticket I was asleep,resting my brain for a new day at work. I could strangle him! grrrrrrrrrr.


As much as Ive sped around town, Ill just take it and keep it moving.You can fill out a form and argue your tickets but  why bother. I would waste a lot of time and end up paying it anyway so whatever.Hopefully I can get all this done tomorrow and be finished with it.

Best Of 60 Minutes With H.H M7amad Bin Rashed Al Maktoum On CBS

no fun

Muscle spasms.

My neck and back hurt. Its difficult to drive and I cant turn my head either way without my shoulders. I went and got a massage today. Its always nice to be able to use natural forms of medicine to heal yourself. But at 250 dirham per massage I got one today and then immediately went to get some drugs,lol. The massage did help and I recommend going to the Canadian Medical Clinic for service (I like Rochelle) but I need faster results.

Hopefully the pain will be gone by tomorrow night.

This sucks

Photography classes in the UAE

Since Ive been here, Ive taken two photography classes through GPP. They were very informative, I enjoyed the teacher, and I now have much better understanding of my DSLR camera. Of course, part of that understanding will only come from me using the camera much more than I do so that part is on me. There are times when I see a picture in my mind but cant quite get that picture inside the camera. I learned then, that some pictures require a certain lens and that with said lens, you cant get that picture no matter how hard you try.

However, a certain part of it, a LARGE part of it, requires YOU. The person with the creativity (or the lack thereof in some cases). I dont think it helps that I have been uncomfortable with taking my camera out in public. I love candid photography and just dont feel comfortable doing it here. But this is where I live...and Im still working it out in my mind because I do love it.

But getting back to the creative part...Im taking a class soon called creative …

Bon Appetite!

The following is a bit of a rant.

It's only natural, or at least it has become so, that we all want to have our cake and eat it too. Sometimes we are much like kids in that we don't want to do those (not so fun) responsible things. I get it. I do...but don't look at me like I have two heads when I'm not participating in frivolous spending just because it's so easy to do here.

Like my lovely aunt likes to say, I've been feeling some kind of way. And that's not a bad thing. I'm thinking maybe the honeymoon is over. And by that I mean that I'm not spending money I don't want to spend...probably not spending money I DO want to spend,lol, and not going ...pretty much anywhere. Just like at home!

And no, this does not mean my life is miserable. It doesn't mean that I don't have a life, or that I'm depressed, or that I'm sitting on a stockpile of money and you should be like me and "save all your money".

I have responsibiliti…