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Pour some out for me!

I wont be home this summer and Im going to miss seeing everyone.

That includes hugs, kisses, catching up with everyone, sitting on back porches, drinking yummy drinks, eating yummy foods, seeing how the babies have grown, seeing the new baby, and just relaxing with the people you love.

Ill see you guys for Christmas so save all that stuff for me so we can do it then...and I hope its as warm as it was last year.

where to next?

sometimes i wonder about the next step...

where Ill go when I leave here?

closer to home (preferably), further away?


but Id sure like to have a contingency plan.

I was brave once, moving to an unknown place. I dont know that I could do it again. Especially since Im accustomed to enjoying western amenities. Ironic that this is the place to do so (aside from home)

Braces in the UAE

This has been a long time coming. Ive wanted braces since forever. At home it wasnt in the budget.Here, the first year went by and I decided that if I didnt get them this year, I would probably keep putting it off.

So I start the process of looking. Requirements? clean,efficient,KNOWLEDGEABLE, affordable. That was pretty much what I wanted. After some searching, I realized that I couldn't pay 25000 dirham...didn't really want to pay 14000 but would if I had to...and then I came across an ortho place in Dubai.

hmmmmmm. Dubai?

Perks were: no down payment,500 dh each visit, retainer included.

I was in.

So I called and went hoping against all hope that it would be more than the regular consultation because Id driven from Abu Dhabi! Fortunately, they xrayed me and told me about the process a bit. I didn't know what to ask so I took my  papers after signing to the "deal" and went home with the biggest grin ever on my face. I WAS GETTING BRACES!

And then I began to goo…

Contract Renewed

People are posting their contract renewals and are apparently pleased. Some were uptight about it but I wasnt too worried as Ive not had any issues on the job and couldnt imagine not being renewed. I made a conscious effort not to let the paranoia to rub off on me,lol.

Got the email yesterday and the contract has been renewed. Ive been spoiled a little with my situations of the past two years. Dont know what the new year will bring-aside from lots of changes Im sure-but I refuse to spend my energy speculating. Youll never be able to guess,lol.

It was a good year even with the mishaps, misunderstanding, tough days, rowdy days, chaotic days,etc. Overall the teachers are so pleased because we know the 1st grade teachers are in for a pleasant surprise when they see how much our kids know!

cover your ____!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, I know everyone's situation is different but often times it's better safe than sorry.

3 weeks ago my car's AC was serviced. They told me it was replaced and that the full cost was over 6000 dirhams. Of that, I payed about 450. Fine. A small price to pay considering...




I called them today and they are picking it up and will find out (supposedly) about a loaner car. I told him I work too far away to not have one for work. Having said that, Im prepared to get my own if necessary.


expenses, expenses.

So yeah, buy a car because its cheaper in the long run AND you can sell it when youre done-PROVIDED its in good condition.

A lady at my job bought a bmw (not sure the year but older model) Shes had it for a couple months. 3 at the most. The engine died this week and it may cost up to 10,000 dirham to get it fixed.

Is there a moral to this story?

I could give you two-

1. Be prepared to be without a car for servicing for a week, possibly ev…

Thailand photos 2

veggie carving
not too shabby
I prefer an electric version
this is tiring!
lobby of shanghai mansion
bedroom foyer
foot of bed
boat on way to floating market
floating market
closest we got to elephants there,lol
leave it to me to find a mexican rest in thailand!
art studio
bathtub of monkey room
rainy day
my artwork at the studio
the carvings here are amazing
mmmmmm, sausage!
Thomas choking and crying,lmbo. The reason is down below a bit...
maybe pork IS the devil??!!

Thailand photos

no rams in the cab? bike riders   shanghai mansion hotel  cab ettiquette  night riders  ninjas buy food too!  thai taxi  I think the symbol above his head is for luck. Most cabs had it  One of the beloved shopping malls there  Chiang Mai tiger kingdom  tuk tuk
tiger kingdom with the next to smallest tigers-big enough for us!
hmmmmmmmm, ribs. It was soooo good!  Train in BK
ingredients for soup-cooking class
the end result
thomas cooking!
if you buy beer in the store, they ask you if you want them to open it for you!
Thomas drawing that picture on the class was so fun!
as close as well ever get to a tiger
being trained?
off roading (see video link above)