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(Jetairways and AirAsia)
Ill give travel a B-.

We had a layover so we went from AD to Mumbai and then to Bangkok and directly to Chiang Mai. First stretch was stressful. Turbulents and a hot plane make for a bad ride. I made the mistake of not going directly to sleep and though we were on a 737, it sounded as if the plane was struggling. Dont get a seat between row 13 and 19 and its close the the wing and even the movie didnt totally drown it out. That wouldve saved me the worries of falling from the sky. Seriously!
Landing in Mumbai. Two words. Mosquito heaven. It was B.A.D. I put my hoodie on backwards and kept telling T not to get bitten. In addition, I have never seen an airport in that condition. It was a little scary. The flight from there to BK wasnt so bad but I went to sleep just in case.
Bangkok to Chiang Mai was wonderful. Air Asia is a budget flight but was so comfortable, cool, and relaxing. The food is yummy and you feel like you get to where you are going in no time.


Ok, so Im going to work my way back. We went to Thailand for SB and stayed for a week. I am glad to be back home, happy to sleep in my bed and relax for a few days before the next, exciting, week begins. And its not (just) exciting because work starts back but next week is FULL of events that may be mentioned later if so inclined.

We did a lot so I figure Ill break it up into categories...





Final thoughts

Post coming soon (with pics)!