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Life in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Ive been looking at lots of sites to get an idea about Thailand and how it will be to visit...don't know why Ive not looked at youtube before...

Im about to be HOOKED!

At the two week count down.

Zega Bula

I couldnt make today up if I tried. It was absolute craziness and it threw me for such a loop, the entire day was kind of off. I guess it started from the weekend when I had a corneal abrasion that healed itself with some eye drops and a bit of rest. I eagerly drove to school early for set up and to see what, if anything, happened in my room while I was away. I walk in and no carpet. I ask the boys who were in the room and they said they didnt know. I chat them up a little with the usual greetings and tell them I missed them and carry on.

A little later the cleaning lady comes in to tell me they messed up the room, that a teacher took pictures, that someone messed up the carpet...pretty much what I could gather from her broken English. She kept saying, "no problem" but I told her it was a big problem and I marched them to the office to see Mudeera (principal). I then find out that the HOF is the one who took the pictures and it wasnt a pretty sight. My mouth fell open when …