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Over it

Beat a dead horse long enough and the stench will get on you and word is that the stench of death is the worst there is. I don't want to find out. I'm done with repeating the past, better yet myself to those who either aren't listening or to those who can't or won't make a difference. Show me something/someone new and I'm so on it.Give me a listening ear and I'll be more than happy to say it.

As it stands, my feng is so shui and I plan to keep it that way.

Im sorry, can you say that again?

My day is coming and WOW, people are frustrated...and with good reason. Who knows how I will respond tomorrow but I'm going in knowing that Im basically taking one for the team. Only that's not a good analogy because there is no team.

Its more like "we" are the good sibling who has to suffer because the other sibling has done something bad. I HATED when I got looped in like that when I was innocent,lol.

Right now, when I'm calm, I can say that I am working for Him and not for them. I do a good job, I love the kids, they love me, and I do see progress.

Do I have room for improvement? Of course. But they wouldn't know those areas if they hit them in the face.I see you for ONE day because you have an assignment to complete and then you judge me off of that and anything else you should've seen but didn't is a penalty.