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Is that so??

Someone thinks enough of me to put my name in the hat for the coming year.

Theres a good chance nothing will come of it...but one never knows.

I did hear some good news today-possibly.maybe.

Leaving this one up to the man upstairs, as usual.



As I searched today for jobs the Mr. can do, I came across an interesting sight. JOB OPPORTUNITIES!

Ill always have a place in my heart for social workers although I didnt go into the field. They have a job that is harder than teachers AND they get paid less for the most part. It seems they are coming around to education,health,and social issues concurrently...and it thats the case,Id love to see more Public Health jobs. hint,hint

Anyway, some of the colleges are looking for MSWs with licensure to teach classes here. Professors get pretty good packages here and its a good place to live.I would encourage you to apply if you are unhappy at home, would like a change of life,have goals that require more mula, want to travel,save money,save for (insert here),etc.

Share it with others you know...on fb pages...with your local professors,etc. The world can be your oyster.Although sometimes it may feel like a crab,haha.



Actually Im not sorry but I have to say this....

The last thing we need is (more) people here with no work ethic.

Should you lower your expectations? yes.

Throw your work ethic out the window? absolutely not.

what happened to things like integrity?