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cry baby

The older I get, the more things touch my heart. Good or bad depending on how you look at it I suppose. Today I read an article about layaway angels and it had me in tears. I guess just knowing that you can be such a blessing in someones life without them ever knowing you. I imagine it would make a profound impact in their lives.

I want to impact people's lives in that way. People I dont know. People I may have never met. It doesnt really matter. All I know is that from the time I learned the word, I wanted to be a philanthropist.

So if being out of the country is going to be the catalyst for this to happen. So be it.


not that it was officially on the list but I always wondered what they were like. . .

I was able to experience the men's side of a wedding today :-)


How was it? It was cool. In some ways, more interesting than going to a women's wedding. I say this because they had a group of men to perform throughout the ceremony. They sang traditional songs and played drums and I really enjoyed it.


My gums hurt!

and its all my fault. Well, Im almost sure it is.

I went to the dentist today go get my teeth cleaned. The facility was new, nice, and clean. More importantly, there were some expats/teachers who recommended the place and said they had nice experiences there. We went and all went well. He went first and then I did. My main concern was staining on my lower teeth bc of the braces. She took care of that. I keep looking in the mirror at my teeth...they look like they did before the braces and Im so very pleased with that!!! I was worried that it wouldnt go away. My ortho just says they can be whitened afterward but I have no interest in that as my teeth dont need whitening to begin with. If I need any blending then Ill deal with that issue in the moment.

Anyway, thats the good.The bad and the ugly is that it hurt. I dont floss so thats a part of it. Parts of my mouth were very sensitive but it was because she was thorough. Ive been swishing salt water and have even taken so…

seasons greetings

Everyone is flying out of here.Both literally and figuratively speaking. Im doing odd things around my apartment. Well, not odd...shall I say random? Yeah. While listening to the wonderful pandora.

Ill be here over the break as I went home for the summer. Im actually glad about that as I wont have the added stress of flying. Honestly, I was afraid of flying and getting stuck someplace, unable to get home or "home". Call me paranoid. It happened to my friend last year. She got stuck in Europe and almost didnt make it home. God forbid some crazy weather appear and we get stuck in Europe, Chicago, New York, or even Atlanta. I do believe summer is the best time to go home though many would agree that any time is the best time to go home,lol.

How am I going to spend this time? How can I stand to stay here any longer than I have to? Well, Ive done a pretty good job at making the places I live my home. My bed and my husband are here so this is my home.And I will spend my time doin…

A Little Taste of Home

Good ol' sweet tea!

I love it, but had resigned myself to the fact that Id only have the 'real deal' when I go home. It wasn't too bad, as I told myself I didnt need it anyway,that drinking sweet tea as much as we did growing up wasnt good for you anyway and that I wasnt missing anything.

oooooh the lies,lol.

After deciding I was going to cook a small southern dinner for the two of us, I felt like it wouldnt be the same without some good ol' sweet tea. So to my trusty facebook group pages I went to post the question. Im telling you, you just cant quit those pages because they tend to be useful,lol. (insert paula dean country southern voice here) 

 I was hopeful and determined to find this tea and didnt have to look far. After preparing the tea, I wasnt too hopeful as I didnt know what it would taste like. As soon as it hit the taste buds I began to smile with sheer joy! This was it!!!!!!

On top of the cornbread dressing (WITH poultry seasoning), macaroni and chees…

planning for the future

its no easy feat but has to be done. Its a delicate balance when trying to live for the moment while being responsible financially and thinking about preparing for your future. It can be done. Right now we are planning for/thinking about the future. Its important not to put all your eggs in one basket, and though some call me pessimistic, I also entertain worst case scenarios so that I will have some sort of idea what I may be able to do should the circumstance present itself. Add to that, not many things go as you plan them...your wheels could turn endlessly!


The point is this:

I keep abreast of potential opportunities, weigh them out as best I (we) can, and keep them in mind when looking toward the future. We are enjoying the life we have, experiencing new things but mainly living the "American dream" while not in America,lol. To me,that means going to a job that you enjoy, having an adequate amount of leisure time, food in your house, the means to indulge here in t…

Hello. My name is______ and I am an introvert!

During your travels you meet people (or not), and begin to form a group of friends.Or at least acquaintances. During said time, we make note of where these people are from and sometimes form ideas about people from various areas based on information we have gathered. We all do it in some form or another. I try to remind myself that I cant overgeneralize  though it can be easy to do if you keep meeting a certain type of person over and over.

There is a certain type of person, though, that you will meet from every continent on this earth. And he or she may come across in a way that isnt too friendly. Before you make a mental note, this person may be someone who cant be placed in a category after a brief encounter (or multiple brief encounters) because those superficial conversations we all like (or dislike) having wont tell you anything genuine about this type of person.

Often this person is singled out because, statistically speaking, we are outnumbered. Add to that, we dont interact …

all that from a piece of art?

I finally got my art up. There were some pieces that I got from Thailand back in April. I couldnt go into the new year with them continuing to collect dust. There was beautiful art everywhere. If I had more room, I wouldve brought more.I was like a kid in a candy store and he had to drag me away with firm instructions to not buy anymore,lol. When they quoted the prices, I couldn't believe it. I almost felt guilty paying what I did for them. Ive always been a lover of art but said that I would only buy originals. Im amazed at the art you can get while traveling and the prices are unreal.

In addition to the art that I got from a vendor, he and I went to an art class (pictures here somewhere) and it was absolutely wonderful. If you go to Chiang Mai (which I highly recommend), you HAVE to go to this class.Peruse the blog for the info. So yeah, I learned that he is somewhat of an artist, though he doesnt really think so. Me, not so much. I did an abstract painting and one that looks v…

that awkward moment

So our lights never came back on and the people came and are coming to fix it. Problems solved (fingers crossed).

When they came, I was informed I had to call the company, because the issue was with them...something about red wires and something else,idk. Anyway, for a split second I thought that maybe it was because of the bill but I knew better because its only half of the apartment.

Its easy to forget about paying a bill like the lights. At home, they wouldve BEEN off. I cant tell you how long its been since Ive paid. Probably six months judging from the bill amount which, by the way, isnt, the reason the lights arent working.hahaha

Lets see, 500 dirham = 136 dollars

yep,for six months!

If it werent for Sallie Mae, ID BE RICH!!!!

And if you dont know her, you are truly blessed!

sick of it

they say you shouldnt say anything when youre mad.

well @#%&*#$@!*

Im sick of living in a place where the building isnt up to code in regards to safety issues. really.this is ridiculous!!! and dont tell me I have to pay for services or get a package for maintenance AND that you dont have the landlords information.

If this doesnt get resolved, Im going to have an interesting time when its time to move because I hear its a beast and I didnt have to deal with that before but Ill do it just so this person doesnt get another check for this place.

...and I was all set to do my accent wall(s). Oh well. Im keeping my eyes and ears open for a new place to live should the need arise!

one without safety hazards if such a thing exists!!!


Ok, so today was...interesting...

I havent been feeling my best lately. And normally its from kid germs-this time it was from an adult.Anyway, Ive been pushing through scratchy throat, sneezing the most juicy sneezes (eeew), coughing, dealing with congestion, stopped up nose (which is dry from all the blowing), etc. It started slowly, acted like it was going away, and then started up again.

This morning I got up to get ready for work but I just couldnt do it. I felt horrible.I got back in bed and then got up again to make a second attempt only to get back in bed. I was prolonging the inevitable and my body needed rest. After all, it does play a part in your body healing itself.But Im no doctor so what do I know???

I went to the doctor and it was nearly empty. Felt like my lucky day...until I got to the part of asking for  a note/excuse for today.

"you are fine. . .I dont give sick notes for colds. . .one day of rest is not going to make you feel better..."







sometimes you have good ideas for things you did at home or things you want to try but they just wont work here. Its a little disappointing and sometimes frustrating. Depending on where you are, there could be a number of reasons why you "can't" do an activity. Here are a couple I am familiar with:

the issue of time. You have a long list of things to do and on top of it you have to fit teaching in there somewherelanguage. It  would be cute and educational to boot but the language barrier would make it much more time consuming that it needs to be.Putting it in category 1 and resulting in content being missednot enough hands.Because you're only human and you cant do it all by yourself without disaster happening on your watch$$$.Because that 1 dollar item you can get so easily at home is at LEAST 30 dirham here-and often is half the size of the one dollar item
That last one just irks me. I wanted to make moon sand. Flour and baby oil. "oh, this should be easy and t…

of groupons, yachts, and things

Here I go again, ranting. I know.I know. This isnt even like me but here I go.

And this is a double rant. A two parter, if you will.

GROUPON: this thing.I just dont know what to say about it. Ive tried it several times. And each one of those times (aside from one) has sucked HORRIBLY. I mean, just terrible. If I must go into detail, one was a hotel in Dubai in which I went off on the people for several things to include holding on to our passports for too long because of "security checks" and trying to charge me for a washcloth that has mascara on it.Nevermind the fact that I couldnt find it and it was raggedy. *sigh*           Another experience: a massage coupon a friend gave me. IT.WAS.TERRIBLE. I mean, that              word doesnt give it justice. The entire time, I contemplated stopping her. It was so obvious she            didnt know what she was doing. I was angry for part of it, confused even. And toward the end           it took everything in me not to just tell he…


being so far away, sometimes its almost like it never happened.

But it did and you remember every time you call home and want to ask about him.

There's a picture I took of him that I love. It was random so he wasn't looking-just like I like my pictures. Its sepia and his skin looks so soft, just like it felt.

This is a normal response but really, Im just so happy and grateful that I got to have him in my life for as long as I did.And maybe its better that I was away because my last memories are of breath,life,and warmth.

sprinkled with a little JT sarcasm

<3 p="p">

road safety in Abu Dhabi

Before I came, I thought Id be witness to major car accidents every other day. Based on the statistics, and after living here for two years, Id think that many of the car accidents are outside the city. Occasionally, you see a fender bender. I saw a 5 car pile up for the first time the other day. Ive rarely been caught up in traffic that is a result of a car accident. Thank God, Ive not been in an accident myself.

Of course, you have people who whiz by you, cut you off, ride your bumper, flash you and force you to move from the fast lane. By the way, all the lanes are fast lanes according to the drivers who sometimes have the nerve to flash hauling trucks who are in the lane farthest to the right because they dont want to go around.

It can be crazy.

The other day I was leaving our island to grocery shop when I passed by a car that was completely burnt up. I wondered who the guy was and whether he was able to get out. I figured we wouldnt hear anything about it unless he was an Emirat…


Very interested in doing photography walks in AD with others who are interested in photography as well as possibly having a photography mentoring session and critique.

I am interested in:

lifestyle photography
candid photography
street photography
black and white photography
architectural photography
toy photography (a recent interest)

...and I dont shoot nearly enough.

If you are interested or know someone who is interested, please message me. Sometimes its so easy to sit at home and snap nothing...or have small periods of being snap happy before reverting to nothingness

paddle boarding

two entries in one day!

So today I went paddle boarding for the first time. It was basically a demo and they showed us how to get on, paddle, stand up,turn, etc. Id watched the videos on youtube and it was a repeat of that information. Looking at the murky water was a little unnerving but I chose to ignore it and go forward with the decision to try something I probably wouldnt do once I go home. Plus I figured once I got out further in the water it wouldnt be stagnate and looking so eeew,lol.

So I get in (with life jacket, of course) and steady myself. It isnt that bad. I feel a little wobbly but thats to be expected.I  noticed how tight my thighs were feeling and was happy that they were getting a little workout. I wondered what he was doing behind me-whether he was getting on or had already joined me in the water-but wasnt confident enough to turn around.

Once out there, I was ok. Definitely not ready to stand up but was able to paddle and move myself forward as well as stop myself…


If I could I would do some.The simpler thing would be just to talk with my coteacher and tell her how I feel. Actually, the cartwheels would be easier because she doesnt speak english.

After teaching 1.5+ years by  myself in kg, I liked it (for the obvious, or not so obvious reasons). My classes were good-even if they didnt start off that way. I loved my classes and the kids as we had bonded and were very close.I was tickled at how we could laugh and joke while neither speaking very much of the other language.The hugs and kisses I got daily, the questions about why I was absent and the statements about them not coming to school if I wasn't all let me know that I was doing what I came here to do.

So finding out I was getting a teacher full time was a little unsettling.Its hard to work with an adult all day. Yes, harder even than working with 20+ four year olds. She came and observed a little before settling in. Shes been at school for awhile now.I havent really counted but I wante…


about the impending yacht party.

great weather

great food and drink

great people

great times

Ive been waiting for this...

Hope its well worth the wait!!!!

oh, and let me not forget,

great price!!!!!!!!!!!

#ballonabudget  OR #youllbebroke


/to/ /ma/ /to/ /ta/ /mah/ /to/

another mini rant.

There's A and there's Z. One could always meet somewhere around M or N...but that would mean you aren't right and since that's clearly impossible, you stay at A and the other at Z. It can be quite ridiculous.

Ill elaborate a little, though Im so tired it may not even make sense right now.

There is not one pedagogies. There are many. Some are die hard fans of their selected or learned pedagogy. Some don't really remember one in particular and just do what is fun or feels right. Some slide into whatever the school is doing by choice or because its mandatory. Some mix a few of them and change what they do based on the students.

There are so many trains of thought here about the right way. And Ill be one of the last to argue a point when I know it wont change another's point of view. To take it even further, I can be a little apprehensive to discuss a point without going back to look at the information to make sure Im not behind the research or …

what to do?

Weeeeelll...the lesson plan template(s) are in the car and the car is away till past my bedtime. My feet were hurting so bad I left all bags in the car. Now that Im coherent, I realize I need that bag but no such luck. ugh! I wish I had it in my email. Ill work on that.

In the meantime I remain the student of my very own class. Personal vocabulary words?

learning curve
(continued) patience
determination/perseverance (or should I say to myself "take your *bleeeeeep* to the gym!!!)

First Impressions

School has started. I took Kava Kava the first two days because they can be stressful. You feel sort of inadequate as parents sit in the room and you have no idea what they are thinking and whether they wonder why you arent full on teaching the first day. I guess we will never know,lol.

So anyway, today was easier than yesterday as I was in a room with other teachers today. I got more kids in today but not by much. Sooooo...

First impressions:

M is quiet and listens to the teacher, even when she wants to do something different. You can see the internal struggle with what she wants and whats going on at the time.She is also orderly and straightens things without much prompting.

I have a couple boys who I was so proud of...yesterday they wanted to go home after a couple hours but managed to control themselves and listened to me regarding not being able to go home and not being able to leave the room and run around. No tears and, though they got bored,regrouped with various manips.

M is…

Its the Professional Thing to Do

Every professional should critique him or herself on a regular basis. A nice honest critique and then make changes accordingly. While doing so you wonder:

Did I give it my best?What were my strengths? Weaknesses?What does the research say?What did the children leave with?How did they respond to me and the classroom?Also how did they begin to respond to each other?Am I only looking at research that supports what I believe?What changes should I make?Are my expectations realistic?Am I delusional? lolHave I bitten off more than I can chew?...and a lot of others I cant think of right now Im currently looking at a program that is a bit different from what I did the second year. Reading it makes me understand more why I chose to teach the way I did ( a mixture of whole language and cooperative learning).At the same time, I don't want to do the easy thing and shun something because its "not what I like" or not what Im used to. I just started looking and the jury is still out. 

clothing woes

I had plans to be the girl with the prettiest, most colorful abayas. I mean, its so easy to buy material and find a good taylor, right?

Well, that never happened and I ended up wearing everything from abayas to the frumpiest of lulu skirts/dresses.

Year one: a mix between lulu's tube top dresses, some of which didnt hold up, skirts from carrefour and lulus, which always ended up coming apart at the seams, and abayas that I got for a "good" price but didnt dry clean so each of them finally came to an early demise (mostly through being burnt by yours truly with the iron).

Year two: I was tired of layering and burning up in clothes that were too close to my skin. I bought jalabiyas and wore them every day. They were easy enough to wear and got good reviews from the Arabic teachers. I grew tired of wearing them and started again to sometimes wear dresses and skirts- broken up with the occasional pants under long shirts or dresses. . .but tired of buying clothes to wear for …


By definition: A person who has had long experience in a particular field, esp. military service.

I left the last part bc some may feel they are in combat zones,lol.

I have no problem talking to people about working here, the pros and cons, answering questions, filling in the blanks...whatever.But I dont mention how long Ive worked here unless asked.

Im just uncomforable with the term. And sometimes the attitude that comes along with it. I dont know everything about what goes on here. I dont think any of us do.And because things change so rapidly, sometimes I wonder if just how much of my experience I should tell you about-even if I preface it with a warning that this is MY experience and yours can and probably will be different. Im sure that part will be forgotten, or lost along the way once it passes to the third or fourth set of ears.

 Im just thinking out loud I suppose. I hope people dont hold their noses up in the air. I just imagine a hierachy of newbies vs veterans.

But mayb…

Lost in Translation


I said this quite a few times. I found myself getting loud on the phone, getting loud in the shop...I just couldnt help myself!

This was the third time my car had been in for AC issues. Nevermind the fact that its under warranty. After getting the entire system replaced, I felt like I shouldnt have been in there at all. I dropped the car off before leaving and told them Id pick it up in two weeks. Upon return he told me theyd done the regular service and that nothing was wrong with the AC. That the car was low on gas and that was why it wasnt cooling. They took out the gas and replaced it and it was ok.


Once there,we continued this conversation. One that I thought would surely make my head explode. I asked him to listen to me and not speak because he wasnt getting what I was saying. "I know the gas was low when I turned the car in but it has nothing to do with the put gas in the car and now my AC is working???...this is…

Home Sweet Home

Going home is always good for the soul. You see people you love and get to spend time with them.
You get enough hugs and kisses to last you until you see them again.You eat until you feel disgusted with yourself. You sometimes leave wishing you'd done more or spent less.

I enjoyed every moment of being home and 2 weeks was a good amount of time. Its good to be able to have 2 home sweet homes, because there are good (and bad) things about being in both.
And it helps that my family is happy for me and support our decision to live abroad.

And now to the tedious task of unpacking, cleaning up (again), and cleansing myself of all the toxins I indugled in while at home.

Mini Rant

Sometimes people don't realize how their answers sound. I try my best to answer questions in a way that doesn't come off as a know it all or a "duh,how stupid are you for asking this question!" type of way. I hope that I am successful in that endeavor. If not, please feel free to let me know.

A question was asked about working in a particular region. Those answering were being nice by answering a list of questions and that was very much appreciated. I was just taken aback by an answer to one question regarding health care and how copays work. The person's answer was:

"This is (insert country), not America.

There is certainly more than one country that has copays. including the one I am currently in.

There were a couple of answers from a couple of people that came off that way but it is what it is.

Mini rant over.

Humidity and the UAE

Let me preface this by saying that I grew up in the South and before moving here I lived in the low country cities of Charleston and Savannah for a total of 5 years (2/3 split).

Its not humid least not during the day. And for most of the year, not at night either.But you will only feel this way if you are from the above mentioned area (the south) or an area with similar climates.

HOWEVER, here comes the caveat,the tides start to turn the closer you get to August! Its almost like a reversal of being back at home where it is hot and humid during the day but gets better at night. Here, it is fine (by my standards) during the day but as the sun goes down, it gets HUMID! like the worst of low country humidity. So during this time I do my best to make sure I do what I intend to do while the sun is still out.And I prefer it this way-for it to be humid at night rather than in the day.
Besides, unless youre going to Iftar, there isnt much for you to be doing out during the month of …

Taxing us!

At some point the change was made to the parking rules. No longer do you get a free pass after nine. And I read that they were going to change it to midnight but it didnt say when. I found out it has been moved to ten after leaving a nice night at cho gao for a drink and a night cap.

Fast forward about a half a day and I go in for car registration and I have 900 dirham worth of tickets. aaaand, NONE of them are speeding tickets. I have noooooooo idea how I got a 500 dirham ticket for parking. Actually, I know with certainty it wasnt me because at the time of the ticket I was asleep,resting my brain for a new day at work. I could strangle him! grrrrrrrrrr.


As much as Ive sped around town, Ill just take it and keep it moving.You can fill out a form and argue your tickets but  why bother. I would waste a lot of time and end up paying it anyway so whatever.Hopefully I can get all this done tomorrow and be finished with it.

Best Of 60 Minutes With H.H M7amad Bin Rashed Al Maktoum On CBS

no fun

Muscle spasms.

My neck and back hurt. Its difficult to drive and I cant turn my head either way without my shoulders. I went and got a massage today. Its always nice to be able to use natural forms of medicine to heal yourself. But at 250 dirham per massage I got one today and then immediately went to get some drugs,lol. The massage did help and I recommend going to the Canadian Medical Clinic for service (I like Rochelle) but I need faster results.

Hopefully the pain will be gone by tomorrow night.

This sucks

Photography classes in the UAE

Since Ive been here, Ive taken two photography classes through GPP. They were very informative, I enjoyed the teacher, and I now have much better understanding of my DSLR camera. Of course, part of that understanding will only come from me using the camera much more than I do so that part is on me. There are times when I see a picture in my mind but cant quite get that picture inside the camera. I learned then, that some pictures require a certain lens and that with said lens, you cant get that picture no matter how hard you try.

However, a certain part of it, a LARGE part of it, requires YOU. The person with the creativity (or the lack thereof in some cases). I dont think it helps that I have been uncomfortable with taking my camera out in public. I love candid photography and just dont feel comfortable doing it here. But this is where I live...and Im still working it out in my mind because I do love it.

But getting back to the creative part...Im taking a class soon called creative …

Bon Appetite!

The following is a bit of a rant.

It's only natural, or at least it has become so, that we all want to have our cake and eat it too. Sometimes we are much like kids in that we don't want to do those (not so fun) responsible things. I get it. I do...but don't look at me like I have two heads when I'm not participating in frivolous spending just because it's so easy to do here.

Like my lovely aunt likes to say, I've been feeling some kind of way. And that's not a bad thing. I'm thinking maybe the honeymoon is over. And by that I mean that I'm not spending money I don't want to spend...probably not spending money I DO want to spend,lol, and not going ...pretty much anywhere. Just like at home!

And no, this does not mean my life is miserable. It doesn't mean that I don't have a life, or that I'm depressed, or that I'm sitting on a stockpile of money and you should be like me and "save all your money".

I have responsibiliti…

Pour some out for me!

I wont be home this summer and Im going to miss seeing everyone.

That includes hugs, kisses, catching up with everyone, sitting on back porches, drinking yummy drinks, eating yummy foods, seeing how the babies have grown, seeing the new baby, and just relaxing with the people you love.

Ill see you guys for Christmas so save all that stuff for me so we can do it then...and I hope its as warm as it was last year.

where to next?

sometimes i wonder about the next step...

where Ill go when I leave here?

closer to home (preferably), further away?


but Id sure like to have a contingency plan.

I was brave once, moving to an unknown place. I dont know that I could do it again. Especially since Im accustomed to enjoying western amenities. Ironic that this is the place to do so (aside from home)

Braces in the UAE

This has been a long time coming. Ive wanted braces since forever. At home it wasnt in the budget.Here, the first year went by and I decided that if I didnt get them this year, I would probably keep putting it off.

So I start the process of looking. Requirements? clean,efficient,KNOWLEDGEABLE, affordable. That was pretty much what I wanted. After some searching, I realized that I couldn't pay 25000 dirham...didn't really want to pay 14000 but would if I had to...and then I came across an ortho place in Dubai.

hmmmmmm. Dubai?

Perks were: no down payment,500 dh each visit, retainer included.

I was in.

So I called and went hoping against all hope that it would be more than the regular consultation because Id driven from Abu Dhabi! Fortunately, they xrayed me and told me about the process a bit. I didn't know what to ask so I took my  papers after signing to the "deal" and went home with the biggest grin ever on my face. I WAS GETTING BRACES!

And then I began to goo…

Contract Renewed

People are posting their contract renewals and are apparently pleased. Some were uptight about it but I wasnt too worried as Ive not had any issues on the job and couldnt imagine not being renewed. I made a conscious effort not to let the paranoia to rub off on me,lol.

Got the email yesterday and the contract has been renewed. Ive been spoiled a little with my situations of the past two years. Dont know what the new year will bring-aside from lots of changes Im sure-but I refuse to spend my energy speculating. Youll never be able to guess,lol.

It was a good year even with the mishaps, misunderstanding, tough days, rowdy days, chaotic days,etc. Overall the teachers are so pleased because we know the 1st grade teachers are in for a pleasant surprise when they see how much our kids know!

cover your ____!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, I know everyone's situation is different but often times it's better safe than sorry.

3 weeks ago my car's AC was serviced. They told me it was replaced and that the full cost was over 6000 dirhams. Of that, I payed about 450. Fine. A small price to pay considering...




I called them today and they are picking it up and will find out (supposedly) about a loaner car. I told him I work too far away to not have one for work. Having said that, Im prepared to get my own if necessary.


expenses, expenses.

So yeah, buy a car because its cheaper in the long run AND you can sell it when youre done-PROVIDED its in good condition.

A lady at my job bought a bmw (not sure the year but older model) Shes had it for a couple months. 3 at the most. The engine died this week and it may cost up to 10,000 dirham to get it fixed.

Is there a moral to this story?

I could give you two-

1. Be prepared to be without a car for servicing for a week, possibly ev…

Thailand photos 2

veggie carving
not too shabby
I prefer an electric version
this is tiring!
lobby of shanghai mansion
bedroom foyer
foot of bed
boat on way to floating market
floating market
closest we got to elephants there,lol
leave it to me to find a mexican rest in thailand!
art studio
bathtub of monkey room
rainy day
my artwork at the studio
the carvings here are amazing
mmmmmm, sausage!
Thomas choking and crying,lmbo. The reason is down below a bit...
maybe pork IS the devil??!!

Thailand photos

no rams in the cab? bike riders   shanghai mansion hotel  cab ettiquette  night riders  ninjas buy food too!  thai taxi  I think the symbol above his head is for luck. Most cabs had it  One of the beloved shopping malls there  Chiang Mai tiger kingdom  tuk tuk
tiger kingdom with the next to smallest tigers-big enough for us!
hmmmmmmmm, ribs. It was soooo good!  Train in BK
ingredients for soup-cooking class
the end result
thomas cooking!
if you buy beer in the store, they ask you if you want them to open it for you!
Thomas drawing that picture on the class was so fun!
as close as well ever get to a tiger
being trained?
off roading (see video link above)