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The Day the Earth Stood Still

When I saw it, everything else around me disappeared. Involuntarily, I let out a gasp (which, in retrospect was rather loud) and my husband immediately asked what was wrong with me. Without regard for anyone around me, I made a B-line for the aisle and dropped what was in my hands so that I could get the grits. I was SO EXCITED! And, true to my word, I got SIX of them...sigh. I smiled from ear to ear all the way to the house.

Southerners here get happy with the mention of grits while others have no idea what we talk about or why we speak so fondly of them,lol. You can eat them like this , maybe add cheese or spruce them up like this (one of my faves) .

This NYE I have what I need, a nice home, a wonderful hubby, and some yummy breakfast food. What more can a girl ask for?

keep your options open

I chuckle to myself when reading about experiences of others teaching abroad because their complaints and issues are often times the same as ours. It is true that there "is no place like home",lol. Realizing that and moving on is the best the only answer.

And while I plan on being here for quite some time I am keeping in mind possibilities of working elsewhere should the need arise.

This blog was one I came across. He taught there for a year if Im not mistaken. Teaching in Korea may be an option in the future. who knows what will happen! :-)

Happy Anniversary

and,of course, Merry Christmas!

A year ago today I waited patiently for the arrival of my most favorite earthly gift...

My husband :-).

Aside from that, there werent any festivities going on in my/our day. I remember it like it was yesterday. I woke up early to clean the house and to go out shopping for anything I needed before he got there. I went to get a pedi/mani and came home to nap.

After he'd left the US, I was unable to track his location anymore. Smart but annoying. At some point I was thankful I couldnt track it. A mere computer glitch of me no longer being able to see the plane would have sent me to the crazy house wondering where my love was! lol.

My Emirati friend Ahmed so kindly gave me a pretty neclace to wear when we picked him up and volunteered to take me to the airport that evening to get him. I was calm and happy. I had a hint of butterflies in my stomach. It was almost like we were teenagers again. We got there and I gave them his visa and learned that the pl…

Princess. A True Story of Life Behind the Veil. Book review

There are so many things that go on in this book that I wouldnt try to pinpoint one thing over the other. We all like to peek into the world of another. With the culture being so closed off to outsiders, it makes one that much more curious.

This book was very good and, as far as we know, an honest account of life for women...even one with the status of princess.

I finished last night and got the second book of the trilogy. Im sure I will have them all read before I return to work.

You can read the reviews and buy the book here. The kindle version is about 5 bucks. Cant beat that!

Tax mumbo jumbo

Its Greek to most people. While conversing on the matter one day, she said (much to my surprise), "oh,youre filing your taxes? They dont count income less than 92,000 dollars."

My response?: "yes, I know but you still have to file."

My question (internally,of course): Dont people know this?!

Out of curiosity, I am perusing the net today in search of information. (not the ideal way to spend time off I know but its free...minus Etisalat fees,lol).

What happens if you dont pay/file your taxes as an expat

And while its easy enough to file on your own using Turbo tax, doing so while working abroad may prove to be    more than one could bargain for.But dont take my word for it.

And after that awkward, split year of 2 incomes, it could be that you can go back to doing it on your own.

Movie review

I missed Sea Shadow and am disappointed about it. Ill be on the lookout for it and will inquire with some locals as to whether it's on video because Id really like to see it.

In the meantime, I am reading books about life in the Middle East. Not to say that the following post is what its like for women in this country. Our western minds are curious about life in this region and the books Ive been reading have really been eye openers!

In the Land of Invisible Women is a book about a wester,muslim woman's experience in Saudi working in a hospital. Her experience is dated (pre 9/11) but valid nonetheless. She now resides in the same city I went to graduate school :-).

Princess is a book I am now reading about the experiences of a Saudi princess. Ive not much to say as I just started last night but am excited to read. I couldnt put the last book down.Im wondering how Ill respond to this book.

And now for the movie!!

The Stoning of Soraya M can be seen instantly on Amazon if you are…


Well this is ONE way to use it...

But I think Ill pass! lol.

Mine stays empty for the most part. No clothes, toiletries,extra stuff that has no other place,etc. And Ive been thinking of this entry off and on. Probably each time I clean the dust off it.

How many uses does this thing have? (besides the OBVIOUS!)

wash your feet after coming home from the beachwash your unmentionablesclean out the mopwash off the bottom of your muddy shoes (though it rarely rains so idk  how they got muddy)do a quick scrub/pedilet your plant soak up some water. Especially good if youll be out of town!makeshift mop bucket if you dont have onesit your countertop items in it while you clean the counter*sigh*. thats all I can think of
What do you use YOUR bidet for??


If you are waiting to come over here...


It could save a life.

And if a lot of people are aware of how to do it then it could also save yours God forbid you need it.

Its soooooo worth it and more than likely a necessity for someone waiting on an ambulance here. Reminds me of an old rap song, "911 is a joke".

So when people ask what they need in preparation. I will add to the list-"cpr classes.child and adult". Nothing serious has happened that I am aware of BUT I regret the fact that I didnt do it at home and pray that I dont need it or need to administer it. Observations say it is necessary and there is no price to put on a life.Even if you've never met the person.


I feel motivated to work on this video I created of a day in my classroom to show how authentic assessment can be easily done as well as to show how things that LOOK like play are actually learning activities directly related to several learning outcomes that coincide with what ADEC wants for KG. There are several reasons why this video is neccesary and I do believe it could be very helpful. Depending on the outcome of me narrating this video, there could be more to follow.

And while my heart is in the right place, my body and brain is certainly tired. Im going to bed soon and it looks like I wont be seeing Sea Shadow tonite.

Just my luck and it wont be there come Thursday.

weekend baby!

This will be a busy weekend. I am currently making a rum cake for a shindig tonight. My first one and I hope it turns out perfectly!

This weekend will consist of taking a photog class. Its exciting and scary at the same time but Im hopeful that it will help me lots...and I will also be taking another class before the month is over.
And,yes, I will be here for the duration of the Winter break and its all good.


The kids are good. They are a joy to work with and have genuine smiles for me daily. Definite perk working with small children no matter what language they speak! I have a student who has recently started to translate for me.None of my kids speak English but understand it really well. This varies based on class and students. Its funny because I can tell that her translations are pretty much on point. After telling them today that next week is the last before a break where noone will be at school and teachers will be travelling, I go on to start naming places teachers will …

Pet Peeve

Some things you just have to pay for.

I understand that.

What irritates me is that people who are working in a CUSTOMER SERVICE role often give you misinformation when it comes to money and then you end up paying out of pocket. This often results in you thinking one thing and possibly not preparing to have to pay X amount of money on something that wasnt even on your radar.

Perfect example of why you cant spend your entire check each month.

Case in point. Took my car in for service today. It was for a part that was ordered over a month ago.Supposedly covered under warranty. He calls me today after dropping the car off at 8 that it is ready. Ahead of schedule! unbelievable. But, of course, there was a wrinkly in this seemingly beautiful occurance...The part ISNT under warranty, itll be 300 dh AND the car is ready.


What if I didnt have it? What if the part was 2500 dh and wasnt in my budget and, thus,wouldve had to wait another month to get done? None of this crosses anyone'…

A New Month

Maybe its because I spent this week in the house.Yeah I was sick but I felt rather blah also. Today I woke up with a purpose. I put my sleeves in my soon to be portfolio, played around with my template and now have a much more user friendly lesson plan template for the way that I run my groups. I found that I was rewriting lots of unnecessary things and if youre a teacher without an Arabic counterpart, its much easier to assess, to group, to maintain classroom behavior,etc this method may just work for you. No need to have different activities for every day-youre only ONE person. By the same token, rotating often requires much of your energy to make sure the rotations are going smoothly.Forget quality authentic assessments.

I also found that having the kids eat in their groups also helps me to know how didnt clean their table as t hey are all responsible for that table when snack time is over.They can deny it all they want but if their name is on that color/table for the day then it…

no biggie

Ive never been a last minute girl. Groupon will seldomly get my money no matter how enticing the ads look or sound. Today when I saw Etihads advertisement, I almost bit. Who could pass up a 40 dh ticket to Amman round trip to be used by Feb?
The catch (not really a catch)? You had to be one of the first 40 customers at the store. There was bound to be a line,it would be as last minute as they come, and that turns me off to lots of things. And while it is true that a person can miss out on a lot of things by not being available to "out of the blue" events, when it comes to financial events, I dont think its a good habit to get into such a bad habit.
Maybe we will go during spring break.