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The price is right

Got new glasses for seeing today. Ive been looking for awhile now. The hubby picked them out and though I was almost sold, I felt like I had to go on a more presentable day to see if I really liked them. Today was that day and they do look just funky enough for me to wear. They will also have transition lenses so I no longer have to switch out glasses with shades or look for one after the other is no longer needed.

I wanted something without a name branded on the side but the one I chose has a small one that will most likely be covered by my hair. I wouldve never been able to get this brand of glasses at home for the price I paid. She says they will be ready by the end of next week. We will see about that. Im going to be a good girl and wear my glasses every day!

Will post pic at some point of my high quality peepers.


I spent today making an assessment template for literacy. We got one for math and its cool but we needed one for Lit with all the learning outcomes. If I werent so tired, I would explain an easy, fool proof (if there is such a thing) way to assess the kids authentically and not have to do it a week before ESIS.

While there are many who are used to ECE, many havent had to assess on so many learning outcomes. In addition, there are lots of teachers who have not been in such low grades for a long time-if ever. Maybe Ill just bullet this and be quick about it with (possible) details to follow.
FYI,this is for KG

use the full assessment paper as your guide for what lessons need to be taught.start somewhere.Anywhere. If noone can do it, thats fine,mark N for not yet. I for in progress and P for proficient in your personal notes.assess authentically, even when they are doing an activity for Arabic.You can assess fine motor skills, social skills.Get it out of the way while she is teaching.Use…

love it

I walked around class today with my notebook. My insides were gleaming with joy at what I saw. kids at the makeshift art easel painting letters,kids cutting at the table, kids on the computer, kids playing in housekeeping, kids matching letter cards and naming letters and sounds, kids working well together and all at an even volume. I fought to keep this class. They deserve me,lol. And I deserve them :-). I love their hugs in the morning and I know their smiles are genuine.

Im so happy that they are learning. And though school hasnt been in very long, I so appreciate N for the work she has done with them last year and see the progress that was made last year with just 30 mins per day in the morn of English. This year, they are further ahead than kg2 last year. Add to that the fact that they catch on quickly. I wouldnt dream of holding them back with 1 letter or shape per week. They deserve more than that. They love learning and their parents appreciate it. We are seeing more parents …

dont forget!

I think its so important to keep in mind why you came here.


Save money?

Make more money?

Throwing yourself into ESL?

Learning about a new culture?

Pay off . . .?

Just to have an experience?

Maybe something Ive not listed here.

In thinking about life and goals and desires, I remind myself to keep things in check. As humans we always want more. Always expect more. Add to that, there is much to be expected and wanted here. Add to THAT, some people have no idea how much some people need (while others are extremely pleased with the way things are going).

I just had to take a couple mental days to pull in the reigns. I  have my own little Dave Ramsey in my head and he was saying, "ARE YOU CRAAAAAAAZYYYYYYYYY???"

I got it Dave.We're going to get it together.

As for you? Make it work.If thats an option.

Hair fall out

Everyones hair changes when they are here,even if it doesnt fall out. Because my hair is locked I dont have to worry about that BUT it is dryer and especially since I color it. I condition and also lean towards using natural products like coconut oil, olive oil, rose water to spritz,etc.

Because I drink so much tea here (our goal is to consume as many antioxidants in a day as possible...more on that later), I thought that maybe it would be a good idea to rinse my hair with tea and use the tea bags from drinking.Below are a couple links Ive found.

tea hair rinse on natural hair

these tea bags may have health AND beauty results!

benefits of black tea and other links

quick update

I got some goggles and it was the best decision ever. Absolutely NO water gets into my eyes and I love it. Nevermind that Im the only adult not swimming laps wearing them but I.DONT.CARE!
They are from Speedos and are at Mushrif Mall for 73 dirham and come clear or tinted.
My lap pool is juuuuuuuust deep enough so that I can practice but can tap the bottom and come back up quickly. I worked hard and diligently today on treading and relaxing in the water. The only thing is that Ill have to do it 2 days back to back so that I can deep condition my hair after and retwist my roots. Husband says I must do that,lol.

Still have some things to put away but we are pretty much comfortable in the place. Cant take pics until all is put away.Checking out BHS this week for home items. I would like a center piece for the DR table and we also need a desk but that will come later.

No salsa tonight. My ankle is hurting and I have quite the limp. I think Im going to go to Central Market Souk and ge…

so nice

Im sitting here listening to dancehall and eating leftover taco fries I got last night.Im enjoying the new place and all that entails.If it werent for that wonderful hubby of mine, we would still be at the other place. And it wasnt bad, this is waaaaaaaaaaay better. Once I get everything squared away, Ill be posting before and after pics.No painting going on but Im pleased with the outcome so far. Dining room table comes tomorrow.I hope to finally sell this wardrobe soon, and will be on the hunt for artwork for the walls.

Went to the gym today and had a good workout. Plan on going daily to do cardio and abs with weight training on various days. Its been a long time but Ive got to get it together for obvious, and possibly not so obvious, reasons.