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over it already

so my throat is sore.actually, my tonsils are swollen. I went back to work after having two days off for being sick and today I felt fine for most of the day.At some point, though, my tonsil began to swell and now it hurts to swallow. darn strepsils were a total waste of my money and without gas in the new place yet, im without hot tea.I took some pain meds but theyve yet to kick in.



If this months readers have mostly been from Macs, does that mean that cool people are reading me? lol. just kidding.

Anyway, I got a  nice surprise today...there is another closet behind the door of our bedroom!!! In addition, the lights can be turned off by a switch that is on the wall by the bed and its down low so noone can see it! How great is that. No more, "I WAS IN BED FIRST!!YOURE CLOSER!!! I dont care, Ill sleep with the light on, Im not getting up!" hahaha.

Some more unexpected expenses as far as getting some things turned on or off or transferred but its cool. Next task? punch a hole through the key, which happens to be a card. I dont even wanna THINK about losing that thing, which is a very likely thing to happen.

When are we moving? I dont know.It doesnt feel like a rush and we dont have ANYTHING packed,lol.We probably need to do something about that.We have this weekend though and can no doubt do some damage. I hope to get rid of two pieces of furniture befor…

Done deal

so we paid the money and will be getting our KEYS tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!
exciting news.

In other news, my Arabic teacher...The one I was hoping to be able to work with this year.The one who is wonderful with the kids, with classroom management, who takes note on best practices and does what she can to follow the LT and NSM, the one who is so peaceful and has really worked hard with her students in all aspects???


She's sad.
I'm sad.

Just when I thought it was smooth sailing. Oh well. Another interesting year.

And now I'm off to do some work.It seems as though I've appointed myself the resource lady at school,lol. Im super lame.


Awhile back I was THINKING about this new place that was opening but wasnt set on moving. I reluctantly started the process with much help from the hubby (who made this possible because it takes 4-6 hands to complete the job without losing any sleep) and am proud to say that I am holding my contract today!

Next step? get some things signed, get keys,move,and get other papers turned in, KHALAS!

previous post about the towers

off to a great start

well, not my first week with the kids because i went to bed late ONE night and Ive been off all week.Not to mention that my car being serviced is taking an entire week so Im back to carpooling (which I didnt include in my budget and riding in and out of tourist club daily is killing it!!). Yes, I just got the car but after driving it for a week, there were some things I needed them to look at and its under warranty so its all good.

Anyway...the first day (and week) has started off slowly.At least for me because I dont have new aka screaming kids. My class of kids is used to a routine and they listen and my coteacher is very good at teaching the kids. I am ever so happy in the class :-). Today she worked up a sweat changing things in the room and thats a great thing. The collaboration is good but I like it better when more ideas and coming from her in this regard because thats what we are here for,to facilitate the thought. Whereas before they were told how the rooms were to be and no…

What day is it?

Going in to work tomorrow. Building is not ready as they are still remodeling but kids come on Sunday. I packed a suitcase and a bag of items to take in to put on the shelves.I have to think about how Im going to lay out the room and then wonder if its going to stay that way.

What better way to spend my saturday?No doubt I wouldve been in my apt, sitting on the computer, doing nothing anyway.

What can i say?

Maybe, "What do you want me to say?"

People ask questions, have questions, have doubts, have thoughts, sometimes incorrect thoughts, some correct ones,etc.

Point is: I could read peoples comments that contain lots of concerns.People who obviously want answers and i could say nothing.

Or I can tell you what the truth is as things stand, the likelihood of your concern ending up like (a), (b), or (c), and let you form your own conclusion based on that. And in many cases, the words may not sound pleasant and probably isnt what someone wants to hear but its probably a very viable option and we all know things change in life (or it wouldnt be life) but the chances are slim and people like to know their odds (or maybe not??). . .so save the defense because Im not jumping on anyone.

Dont kill the messenger.

I hate when that happens.

And I know its sad but as much as I would like something to be true, I cant make it be, I cant force someones hand...begging wont do.Nor will threateni…
In case anyone wanted to know, I soooooooooooo want the nokia n8!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
In orange or blue

Great day

if you discount the fact that they kept my car for service until next week (I wont even go there!) and that this morning we got off on the wrong bus stop for work in Al Rahba and had to be picked up by a colleague because we (maybe just I) wouldve passed out had we attempted to walk there.Well maybe not but I didnt have water but I definitely wouldnt have wanted to be in a room with anyone til I got myself freshened up and cooled off!

I got the rest of my jalabiyas for work. Its what Im wearing instead of western clothes and instead of abayas for several reasons:
they are made of cottonthey are colorfulthey are fairly light (airy)I can put powder on myself without it showing throughthey are made of cotton so I can wash them at homewashing wont make embellishments come off because theyre sewn onironing them wont run the risk of having a hole burn through them at some random point

 There are some that are considered house wear but they have short sleeves and are usually found in Carrefo…


Hi, my name is Brandy and Im a

Actually, "holic" added to anything has a bad connotation in most if not all situations. Let me just say that I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE my job. And not my job here or there but the act of teaching itself. So much so that if I were to have a conversation with the lay person, I think Id feel sort of strange if they didnt share my sentiment only because it appears to be out of the norm.Of course, Ive taken no surveys BUT...when's the last time you got a little misty eyed in a good way when you think of the work that you do?

Today was an overall great day and its not even 3pm yet. Some high points and not so high points which I will get to in my next entry but for now, Im about to head to Mussafah, TRY and get this ac fixed and talk to my honey about plans,plans, and more plans.

If you have a honey, go and kiss them right now.spread the love!

Been a minute

And while Im happy to be back in the UAE, yes there are some of us who genuinely feel this way though we are the minority, I havent quite jumped back into blogging but thats because ive not been doing anything. Went to Al Mushrif and some stores are open but not many...I have to take my car in tomorrow for service because the ac isnt cold and my  blinkers arent working. something TOLD me to get out and look at them!!! Im just hoping that it can be done in that day or that they can order something and have me come back. My saving grace is that, when driving, one doesnt necessarily NEED signals. You just get in where you fit in and its all good. And as I type this, whats even more strange is that I JUST noticed something...and does this mean that Im a good driver????


so today we went to check out that place and it should be a go and we will see. He has high hopes and after seeing it again today my hopes are up as well. If the move tak…