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Back in the sands

And one of the good things about teaching is that you get two times in the year to evaluate and begin again :-)

Maya Island

September second marks the opening of Maya Island and it's fun,fun,fun!

If Ive conversed with you here, on facebook, or even if you have enjoyed reading and happen to see me there, come by and say hello!

And speaking of which, if you see me anywhere,disregard my seemingly mean face and say hello. I promise Im not as mean as I look!

Hello Abu Dhabi

Feeling a little 2nd home sick and wondering what this school year will bring. Call me crazy but working is what I do and as stressful as it sometimes is I love it.

In preparation

Ive been home for awhile. I cant say that I experienced this grande feeling for being on US soil as others have described. I guess that home is wherever Im comfortably making my living and enjoying life.idk.

Im enjoying family and food. Ive mostly been relaxing and trying not to eat too much tainted food.Ive also been doing a lot of SHOPPING. Ive gotten some things for myself but a LOT of things for class. Things that werent on the list but were needed anyway. My buggy was running over at the dollar tree. I also went on a spree at thrift stores for books as well as discount stores. Today I placed a pretty big order of items from oriental trading and Im excited to get those things.

Im going to have to get another luggage for the things Im taking back EVEN THOUGH I packed lightly and only had things in a couple of our luggage brought over. Luckily, some things I already had here but didnt bring initially. Im going to go through the things again to see what I may not need.

Im enjoying th…