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One more day and then we are leaving. I realize there are posts I never got to and Im going to try and catch up on some things before I leave.Ive tried a few times for pic posts as well as videos and idk if its my computer or the net but it hasnt been working for me. As I type this, I have a literacy video of materials Im trying to load so that I can post it. I also have some restaurant reviews with pics to post.

Wish me luck!

In the meantime, enjoy the clouds, the stars,and the rain.You may not see much of them here and sometimes its the little things you miss!

*still moving urls soon.If not familiar,go back an entry*


I honestly have no idea how many people have links to my blog but Im considering changing my URL. I know that I get traffic from others who have linked my page and I really appreciate that! (thanks Mimi

Ive been thinking about it for awhile and to continue to put it off makes no sense.If you have experience with this and/or think its a HORRIBLE idea for a valid reason,please share. I know that I could make a new page and transfer but Id still be tied to this site and I have other pages to tend to.

In the meantime,save the intended url:
If youre a follower TA on FB,it would be posted there as well in the discussions.

Yay or Nay?

So I toyed with the idea of moving. Things like traffic,location,transportation,the irritation of moving,the joy of amenities, etc...all of these played a role in my thought process. The decision was made for me based on a couple things:budget of one of the places teachers were looking at, the fact that if you get a real estate agent, theres a big chance youll have to pay a 5000dh fee to him/her.In addition to that, I just dont want the headache.Im comfortable here,we have space,we are outside of traffic,and parking hasnt been a problem (but that can change quickly).

So today I went to look at this apt building that is HUGE. The good thing, though, is that you dont have to stay on a top floor AAAAAAND, they have balconies so if you had to, you could get out easily IF you are on a lower floor. yes, I think about these things

Sadly, I forgot my camera to take pics/video but may go back if we talk to the guy. There were only a couple things on the list of being here that we would miss and…

Moroccanoil Soap

If youve read this blog for any length of time, Im sure youve gotten your laughs off my Moroccan bath experience. As crazy as that was for me, i believe I will be going to get one again, though at a much better establishment!
Today, I ran across this product

 And while waiting in line for a price, an Arabic lady gave it the once over, looked inside, and nodded her head in approval of what was inside. After seeing it was only 9.50 dhm, I got another. Once I try it, I will certainly give a review! In the meantime, here is information about the product-or products like this:

Moroccan Black Soap and How To Use It

The black soap is part of the traditional hammam ritual. It is the first treatment in oriental public bath. With a texture of butter, this natural vegetable paste based with black olives is rich in vitamin E.
It is obtained from a mixture of oil and crushed olives, soaked in salt and potash. In the nineteenth century it was used as a product of Dermatology and later became a real b…

Taps fingers


These days are going slow.

You would think Im waiting on my ticket. In a way I am...waiting on my date for a ticket home.

Not homesick but have lots of things to do while home. Things to see,smell,touch,taste. My senses may be in over load!!! And with everyone gone, I have a rotation of things to do that isnt very big. Combining two of them, Im making a visual of things ill see and do while home.

I know Im forgetting some things but its cool.

Cant help myself

Teachers are notorious for gleaning what they can from here and there to use what works best for them in the classroom. By the same token, teachers can be notorious for sticking to their old ways or failing to realize that every tactic doesnt work for every child.

I may not speak in the same tone or at the same speed that I would at home. Id probably emphasize different things, definitely have to repeat things ALL year that I wouldnt normally have to even think about at home.

I have to accept a certain level of work, academically, from my kids as they are learning a language and modification may take place throughout the day or some days not at all depending on the topic.

I find myself thinking about next year,which will be here before I know it. Call me crazy but theres not much to do in this apartment. One can only fantasize about where to eat first for so long before it loses its appeal.

I finally read the information (pdfs) I got about SIOP model of teacher prek and kindergarten k…

let the blogging begin!

My husband says that school is over so take a break,lol. Im still thinking about next year as I find a place to put all my things.

After napping today, I took the time to update my resources document for sharing again as others prepare to come over. I hope that it is of some use to you. If you are in KG this is who I made it for BUT these items can be used in higher grades. Actually, its probably preferrable as they want a more child centered way of learning for the kids and these activities would allow one to use a whole-small-whole strategy in the classroom.

But enough of that, enjoy the link as you wait on *that* email!

KG resources

Pack Light?

I cant, in good conscience,tell you not to pack manips and such on your journey here. As with everything in life,there are pros and cons. There are also solutions to problems.

problem: it costs a lot to pay for another luggageit costs more to send for it or to have to buy it over here
con: They could already have these items in your school,then you brought these things for nothingreal con: they dont have it and you didnt bring it :-(solution: (a)you have materials for your class that are enough for you to create workable centers and dont have to divide items up between classes or sign it out. (b)you no longer need these materials and can sell them for a profit
problem: I dont know what Ill be able to wear at schoolsolution: now this is something you actually CAN wait for! long skirts abound here (if youre not too "big"). Be careful of the sizes and try everything on.Itll save you a headache later. Bring a couple things just in case. Remember that you may decide to wear a jalabi…

Eating on a Budget

Many teachers are coming over soon and,understandably,have budget concerns and constraints. It took me awhile to figure out I could buy food from the deli and save money. This is not only great when one doesnt feel like cooking and the food tastes good.

They have food from various cultures but I dont stray too far from what I know. You can get plain rice,chicken fried rice,vegetables (though notably doused in butter),beef meals,chicken meals,and fish meals.

Just to give you an idea of what you could get and the prices. I got a whole chicken (lemon herb) today for 12.99 dirham (3.50 US) . They also have 3 or 4 other types of seasoned chicken

If youre not into meat, you can get potato salad, hummus, cold slaw,or arabic salad for around 5 dirham for 1 serving which is less than 2 dollars.

The deli has pretty good options if you are close to a supermarket. Although I LOVE shwarma, I wouldnt recommend trying to live on it for any extended amount of time though you HAVE to try it when you …


Once you become acclimated to this place and the way things work time lines become different. You learn that doing something at 2pm is COMPLETELY different from doing it at 7 or 8 pm.

Case in point:I couldve gotten my translation at 7 last night but it probably wouldve taken me 45 mins. Today it took about 15 mins. I couldve sat around and relaxed until about 7 and then gone to get my license but I went at 3 and was done in about 15 mins.

In two days,Ive done everything I need to do. All thats left is to pick up 1 piece of paper that SHOULD be ready tomorrow. Dont worry, I wont hold my breath!

If all goes well I could be driving soon,though not too excited about that. What I AM excited about is being able to drive to work.Well,not really but when I get home Ill definitely be happy to drive around and blast my music!

Once things are complete Ill tell you about the process and the "man". With the benefits,I think its better than finding someone on your own.

Working on it

Im sleepy yet still looking for resources. I had all day to do this and now its my bedtime!

Anyway,stumbled across a seemingly good resource and the book is probably fitting for 1st grade as well with some who would say theyd use it for 2nd or even 3rd depending on where you are in the city.

Anyway,after much searching,the following link will allow you to look inside the book to determine whether you want to purchase it. Once I get some rest and can see properly,I may very well do the same.

SIOP model for teaching ELL

...also made a short video of literacy activities to be posted soon.Dont expect anything fancy to include editing,lol.