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Isnt the year over?

Im tired. But only because I went to bed late.No kids at school but I cant even do decent searches at school because everything is blocked!

So I sit here, surrounded by paper, scouring the internet with 4 windows open making lists of age appropriate books for themes,making a (new) list of what I want to bring back,looking at resources I currently have,checking and conversing on facebook,and checking out resources online.

Either I am a super multi tasker or my ADD is working in my favor.

Time for ice cream, latin dance class, and a movie (and on a school night nonetheless!).

I feel like Im not blogging as much but I DO have posts to come.Theyre in my head and in my computer (in the form of files/pics/videos).

I Implore You

Its not often  that I say this but Im glad its Thursday.

What Im about to say could rub someone the wrong way but I dont care and that could rub someone the wrong way as well. What I am about to say needs to be said,needs to be considered by those coming over,and by some that are already here.Take it for what you will but remember,at the end of the day,its about what works best for kids.

disclaimer:none of this is to say or imply that I have all the answers or even most of them.just my humble opinion,with a little knowledge backing it up :-) . And this is not aimed at one school over another as all schools need a lot of the same things.

There are some things the schools are trying to move toward,some at a faster pace than others. How fast a school moves toward that place has a lot to do with the teachers in the school as well as others in leadership positions. As a teacher, I feel it is my job to stay informed about BEST PRACTICES and implement them to the best of my ability. That may …


and might I add that I will probably add another page to the blog to consist of lesson activities and ideas to use in class to include pictures of items I make or purchase (cheaply) from surrounding stores.


In classic B fashion,the PD began to come together well this morning in my mind. I knew roughly what I was doing but bits and pieces came to mind as I did this or that.This is what I did and why:

So we have standards for phonemic awareness,talking/listening,writing,reading and these are the same for us teaching in English and the Arabic teachers teaching Arabic. The need? for the children to do center activities to learn these things,less paper/pencil activities,less sitting,more participation,more activities that allow for authentic assessment.

Possible solution? A PD that is translated let me back up...that is INTERESTING to someone who speaks English SL or possibly not at all. So :interesting,easy to duplicate,relevant to what you need to be doing in class,fun for the kids,etc.

My teacher translated for me after each segment.The teachers seemed interested and seemed as if they just might duplicate some of these activities to teach Arabic to the kids.

I enjoyed it,it was fun.Could …

beginning of the end

The Arabic teachers make some of the best food. We enjoy eating on a daily basis. However, I dont think they like our food as much as we like theirs. Its ok,scrambled eggs for breakfast are wonderful but Id take this spicy Arabic dish any day over something I can have any time I feel like it.

Still packing my room. Man, I have a lot of things. Also got some things from a teacher who is going to another country. So grateful for those things. A bit sad to see her go but its an opportunity for her family so thats always good. Also another teacher is leaving. She and I had a lot of the same ideas about approaches to learning and bounced ideas off one another. Shes moving up in the ranks so thats a good thing for her. I know shell do well.

WHO ARE WE GOING TO HAVE NEXT YEAR? idk but not going to worry my little head over it now.
Currently prepping for my PD on wednesday. Have to collaborate with my AT for translation else all this will be for a lost cause.

I hope we have some good food tom…



Theyre supposed to be coming back until the 23rd but now that Im home I feel this may be the beginning of the end.

Saw many parents,got some (surprise) kisses and a parent told me she loved me.Neither of these people have I met before (knowingly).

...and I cried! All of a sudden it hit me-with all these parents in the room.And it felt like the end.

I hope they know how much I enjoyed teaching their kids and how I love them so :-)

pack light?

You can get a lot of things here, but sometimes you just want what you want.

Like some sundresses I got rid of because they were strapless.Everyone here sells them but not like mine...I want THOSE sundresses.I can have them made but havent gone through the portable hood attachment to dry my hair via a handheld blow dryer. Though not used all the time,it came in handy and as it weighed nothing much I should have brought it.more shoes.I wear a size 9 and they consider it a big size.Even when you DO find your size, it isnt always comfortable. Its best to bring shoes from home.ESPECIALLY if you are a shoe person.If you have favorite outfits-unless they are streetwalker worthy-I say bring them.You can wear a shawl,scarve,or jacket to cover  your arms.When not at work its ok to show them (or your legs),though if you become heavily acclimated,you may not feel right doing so.I wouldnt pack jeans unless you have a body type thats difficult to fit. With that said,I am about a size 11/1…

too funny

Though what Im doing right now isnt fun or funny, assessing a particular student is.

standard: Can repeat particular sounds

Not only can he repeat sounds, he repeats my sentences.

"Come to the caaaaaarpeeeeet!"

"Go to the gym boy"

"Do you want yellow?"

"Dont copy me"

Its too cute and funny.Sometimes I have to not smile because i really am serious when I say some things but his enunciation is good,lol.

He always wants me to come to the gym with him and wants to sit by me. In the beginning, i thought he couldnt care less about me being his teacher...until that day he gave me one of his cupcakes from the snack lady. (aaaaaaaawe,sweet I know,lol).

perspective II

I saw this and it seemed very fitting. I sometimes wonder what they think of people who are not covered. You have to remember that, just like at home (wherever that is for you), everyone has different opinions. You could see someone in full garb shopping along someone with the skinniest jeans and cutest LITTLE shirt you ever saw and all seems cool. People dont stop and stare in shock if someone passes with their arms and legs out...though Ive heard they may put you out of some of the malls! Often times I find myself looking more than the locals seem to be.

It comes down to a matter of personal comfort. . .and what youd be comfortable bumping into your coworkers or principal in :-P. Ive gotten to the point where I feel funny if my knees are showing,but not if Im with my husband,lol.

Its almost over?

Im getting ready for a dinner date but wanted to quickly update about my class. Im so pleased with the class and the kids progress. Before one can teach anything,management has to be in order and my kids definitely tested me and were extremely defiant in the beginning. Its gotten so good that when I dont have a coteacher, Im very reluctant to split my class.Im sure others think Im crazy for not doing this but as I skim the room, theres not one who isnt off task and you can tell their little brains are working and they are enjoying the learning experiences and activities in the class.  Of course, they do little things as its kg but now I can give a look or say their name and theyre holding up their hands and saying sorry (asaf) or that they wont do it anymore (khalas).

My most challengint student has become one of the best behaved and Im so proud of him!!! I cant wait to have this translated to his mom at graduation!

Highlights of the week:

kids discussing whether it was 8 or 12 oclock …