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quick pic post

view from the hotel in the marina. super suite! :-P
the view from the yacht as we set off
same balcony view,different perspective
the only pic I got of myself from my camera. Ive got to do better!

Ive got more pics but the uploader is acting super slow and its past my bedtime!

No words

I can try to describe my weekend but I cant think of words that would do it justice. I had a blast, everything was great. Seems like every time I go out, we end up meeting great people and I spend the nite laughing,sharing stories,having intellectual conversations mixed in with lots of silliness and fun.

I spent most of Friday on a yacht in Dubai. Ive been WAITING for this moment and it wont be the last one we are on but it was definitely a good one to start. The weather was great,the food was good,the punch was mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. We stayed the night in a super suite and had a good lunch before heading back this way.

I have pics and a video to post soon.

The only "bad" thing about this weekend,and last week,is that my foot is hurting.Feels something like a stress fracture.Going to get checked out this week.

Mumtaza :-)

Today was good. And when I think about it,yesterday was good too! So lets start with yesterday. I was alone with the kids and they listened pretty well. At the end of the day I told them that theyd have to finish their work (handwriting) and then they could have fun writing in shaving cream. I knew there was a chance it would go wild but it didnt and was a huge success. They LOVED it and I was very proud of their work ethic.Sometimes they sit there and concentrate so well to finish the work when there seems to be chaos around them and they bring me their work so proud of what theyve finished. Those times are the best.

Today we had science and math with free choice mixed in.They day ended with water all over the floor but it was good, great! After talking about air and 2d/3d shapes we split up to work in groups. Her table was bubbles, which were much  bigger than I thought,lol.We used the abundance of soap powder they gave us and straws in cups to make bubbles and then they drew a pict…

Mind made up?

As indecisive as I am, I believe that Ive made up my mind about our Christmas vacation. I realize that its far off and most people are planning their summer vacations. We are simply going home to relax,enjoy showing some skin (me,lol),see family and get loved on (you guys reading this?!?!? ha ha ha), eat some good food,and see the NEW BABIES!!! not in any kind of order although the caps show some sort of preference.

I do think we will take a short (couple days) trip to the low country just because we didnt get to do much of that at home at itll be nice to drive! A vegas trip was in the talks but we are in need of a new computer so being the responsible adults that we are,we opted for a compromise to get a bit of both!

As far as where we will go for Christmas,I just couldnt seem to decide...beautiful beach? although neither of us are water fanatics and Im not a swimmer. Warm weather? An absolute must have for whereever we go.Rainy seasons? Make SURE that we dont go anywhere during that…

The unseen

you never know where life may take you.

Im doing things I never thought Id be doing. Not that my life is the greatest or anything.Even so, island parties,meeting people from all over the world,kayaking for the first time on Friday,experiencing a world I wouldve never known because propoganda would tell you this region is off limits.

This kayaking thing wont be the easiest but Im going to live on the wild side for a minute...and see how it goes!


It has come to my attention that I have no idea what dry heat feels like. Yes, it is hot here but not humid (yet) like it is at home. For that reason,113 feels much better than 104 Gawga heat. This can be dangerous if youre not careful as I read it takes 2xs the amount of water just for you to stand here.I had a problem with water intake at home and I buy lemons here to help with that but I need to make SURE I am consuming lots and lots of water lest I drop on the road with noone knowing what to do or whether to even touch me!

I know its coming though, and its evident more and more each day as I get off the bus to start my walk to work and just now as I went to the ever convenient corner store. (Car o car,where art thou?)

Hopefully, things will progress expeditiously and I will have a car soon even though itll be time to go home before I know it. I dont want to have to worry about that when I return.

Heaven on earth

Just thinking about them makes me wish I knew their name or where to get them from even though I ate so many it made my tummy hurt.

Theyre little squares of goodness that make my top ten list of desserts though Ive only had them once in my life.


ok,so I made a new link that has vids,although I know it needs updating but on top of procrastination,Ive actually been doing a bit of work!

Today,after eating at a new restaurant,Im thinking of a new link that gives my review of the place.

aaaaaalsooooo, been thinking of another link that gives ideas for activities or additions to centers and/or small group lessons in AD because we all know that seeing something that may have worked great at home may not do so well here.

It would seem this girl has big aspirations because I ALSO have plans of starting another blog about using natural products for health and beauty as I use a lot myself. There are many places to find ideas I know but I figure Id put my own little take on it and I use so many things myself and can give an honest take on them. Ive been finding more things as they tend to have more natural things here that dont cost a fortune, as they sometimes do at home. All I need is a title . . .and that may take awhile.


To Do

I havent been blogging as much but things are still going on. I have pics,once more,that should have BEEN posted...

More importantly, I have WORK to do. unlike many days where I finish it AT work,lol. Thats one major difference here though not sure thatll last forever-or at least the time I am here. We are set to turn in portfolios to be reviewed by someone,not sure who. And I started one upon arrival but stopped because things werent in place for me to do one. Im used to doing one and basically it shows that you are actually doing your job-or at least its SUPPOSED to.

Changes are trickling in. Sometimes it feels like its pouring in. Like before they were knocking but noone was opening the door but now it is and,at least at my school,its welcomed by the LTs...I suppose. Maybe I should only speak for myself :-).

One of my KG1 teachers says that she enjoys when I come to her class because I bring center activities and the kids learn. It made me feel good to hear that. Her class is very …


I need to see a model video that includes the entire classroom. One that shows how management goes if I have 25 (not 16 or less) kids and "need" 5 activities that groups will rotate through(daily) and all have to do with the same subject.

Or just give me a magic wand