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There is a tab for videos recently posted (in case it was missed). Posted some videos from the safari and will be posting more vids soon. This week Inshallah :-)


So Ive been thinking about a move to Reem Island . Not because I have a bad place (I dont) or because Im in a bad location (Im not),but because we plan on being here long term and this place has much more of a home feel as there are so many amenities there. The only drawback is the the location, which is also nice as far as I know right now. Only thing is its too close to Tourist Club and thats not a place I care for too much. And if the link above doesnt convince someone maybe the future plans will!
We have all that we would need to stay there pretty much and this place has...drumroooooooollllll-CLOSETS! Once of them even a walk in. It may sound like it but I dont have my hopes up and Im not even excited about it at this point. Im just looking at my options.This would be the one and only time youd catch me living on an island.
My only requirement? That I live on a bottom lower level floor. Should be an easy enough request as most people want to be higher up.Not us.Definitely not us!

Birthday wishes

I could say that Ive been doing these things in honor of my birthday but Id most likely have done them anyway.

went on a safari in March and rationalized it as coming from my April budget (I own this budget,it doesnt own me!), went out to dinner for our anniversay (the not so newly newly weds,ask and ill explain),went to an island party that was very fun and have more coming that I will be in attendance of,and dinner tonite for my birthday!

  I got cake from my sister from a different mister:  Christen. It was 3 pieces of GERMAN CHOCOLATE CAKE that was hmmmmm hmmmmmm scrumptious! I ate one piece,shared one with Thomas,and saved one til yesterday. Figured Id eat a piece of dessert at the restaurant so why keep it til today?

Tonite IDK what Ill have for dinner or dessert but I DO know that where Im going has the mother of all birthday songs. Maybe well get it recorded for everyones viewing enjoyment,lol.

anywho, I have things to do. Havent forgotten about the safari video.coming soon.…

Tired but pleased

Ok, so maybe Im not THIS tired but Im close!
If I dont go to bed by 930 on school nights I mess up my week. If I start out that way, I can slack off as the week progresses. Its already Monday and I have Salsa tomorrow night so I HAVE TO get to sleep early (not just on time) tonite to catch up. Noone wants to know the sleepy me:


Productive! yaaaaaaaay me!Was able to have a good center time and my math group did very well with our activity and made it to the end even though some of them were itching to go to another table.The fruit and vegetable market is khalas and now we have the "animal hospital". Easier to pronounce than veterinarian. Easier to spell too,lol.Changed out some of the student workMy teacher talked about how the kids are progressing and shes happy about their progress. She also said she told her friends about how Im always working and changing things in the room to keep the kids interestedOne of the girls gave me a thumbs up after checking out the new dra…

It is what it is

For once, I dont want to live vicariously through the eyes of anyone else. And while I did enjoy my time off from work, MAYBE it would have been nice to go somewhere. Then again, I have my thoughts on that as well but Ill save it for another entry.

I did (finally) go on a safari. No need to rush it, I suppose, as Im not going anywhere any time soon. It was different from what I expected although I didnt expect too too much. The feeling that we were going to roll over and possibly have to crawl out of the vehicle with sand in places I wont mention left after awhile and I managed to enjoy it a bit.

Initially I was even hesitant to even post because every uae blogger has covered the infamous safari experience BUT . . .



cue the applause,lol. JUST KIDDING.

...about the applause part. unless you really want to.