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should I?

shouldnt I?

THAT is the question...

horror stories, complaints,regrets in opposition with people who speak as if they have no plans on returning to the previous dwelling place.

What to believe? Are the kids hellians or little angels? Is the classroom fully stocked or bare?Will you have admin support, admin indifference,or admin from Hades?

Sadly, noone can answer this question and not because of "a lack of freedom of speech". Its because everything-in every country-is subjective. And because if one is going to pack up and live in another country for a couple years, this would be one of the more difficult places to do so as you are used to life thats quite different from being here.

I can agree 100% with some of the posters of TA/FB. "if the idea of teaching in an inner city school doesnt suite your fancy, steer clear of here". And thats not to compare the two because nothing really compares to this place but there are some similarities (even if they are f…


Today I thought it was a good day to go to the beach...better than yesterday...until I actually got outside and got a look toward where the water lies.

We went out toward the corniche to run a couple errands. The breeze was wonderful, the water was pretty too but you couldnt see the beach from across the street. Its strange because because you think you wont be able to see anything but once you get to that area, its seems to be normal.

I wonder what this smog is made of. When I get time Ill be sure to google it. Im certainly happy I dont have asthma or anything.If I did I may just be in trouble.

Today we went to spinneys. We had hotdogs and baked beans for lunch. hmmmm.I was thinking of baked beans the other day but didnt give too much thought to it. Im running out of things to cook but its no different from home. My palette is tired of the same old thing. Ill probably go to eating cereal for lunch and/or dinner to give my tongue a rest.

Today I have to go grocery shopping and possibly…


I want to change my url to something shorter...and to something w/o a name attached to it...but I also dont wanna lose followers.hmmm,cant have your cake and eat it too huh? What should I do?And how can I make this as painless as possible?If I post reminders will readers follow?? But if I post the new name before I change it will someone STEAL it?

I doubt it...and Im not all that tech savvy. HELP!!!

Happiness is subjective

But the TRUE key to happiness is being content where you are while striving toward the next place in your life.

So while people are doing things that I would love to do...

travel to Greece, East Africa,Thailand,etc,

I will be here in little Abu Dhabi (to which I never,ever thought I would be anyway), enjoying a break from work (which isnt too hard anyway), doing some work (gasp!) because I need things for when we return. Well, make that the kids. THEY need some new activities and what better time to print,cut,laminate.
Is it weird that I enjoy those things?? If so, oh well!

Ill be enjoying the weather (while I can), possibly the beach, enjoying my husband and the time we have together because life is too short to do otherwise. And even if I dont set foot in Dubai (for which Id only do if I were going to have GERMAN CHOCOLATE CAKE),Ill enjoy myself because happiness is inside of me and there isnt really a heaven on earth.Oh, and a little wine always makes things better :-)

But back t…


and if I lose one more thing in this country I dont know what Im going to do with myself!

Saba Al Khair!

I wake up in the morning and walk into my clean, clutter free...did I mention CUTE? Living room and I am HAPPY!

The icing on the cake is the scented oil I just got from home center. It makes everything complete. Id spend some of my last dollars on something to make my home smell good. Its my weakness.

Its rather cool today and seems like some people can never be happy. When it began to show hints of possibly getting too warm I became a little squirmish with the anticipation of melting right into the ground. Now that its cooler, Im a little sad as my evening at the beach on Wed wasnt as enjoyable as Id hoped and today we are going to hang at the actual beach...meaning the sand, which I havent done since Ive been here. Well see how it goes and how long I stay out there.

Im more ready for tonites festivities which include going to see the show and possibly trying out some of my new moves on the floor. Since we started practicing at home Ive become a bit more confident in the steps. Now I…

GPP 2011

 Friday I was up at 6 am and out the door to catch the bus by quarter til. There was NO WAY  I was going to miss the bus or my day of classes at the Gulf Photo Plus Friday event of classes.  After an $expensive$ ride to media city, I found my destination as well as stomach butterflies. Noone knew by looking at me but I felt so out of place.
"what do I know?"
But reassured myself with the fact that I wasnt much unlike most others there who were on a quest to learn more, become better, whether for business or hobby. Everyone had their cameras on their hips. Id almost forgotten mine but turns out I didnt need it. Also didnt take paper. Some student I am. But only needed it for one of the four classes and I had enough paper for that.
2 out of 4 isnt bad I suppose and 41 US dollars certainly isnt bad for 4 classes of your choice from 930-530.
I met a lady who wants to photograph me to which I gave my contact info but dont think anything will come of it. And on the off chance it does…

The early bird catches the. . .

Bus in this instance. Starting on Thursday of last week, I am now catching the bus to Al Rahba to get to work in the mornings. To do this, I have to get up a bit earlier to catch the bus at the bus station which is about a 5 minute ride from my house. Perfect except that you dont know when the cab drivers will get the notion to NOT stop for you (reasons unknown) so I have to get out there a bit earlier to make sure Im there on time.

So Ill be leaving the house to catch a cab around 545 am which means by the time I get down the elevator and cross the street and get to the cab drop its about 10 til and sometimes I have to wait about 5 mins which would put me there at 6 am. The bus gets there around 6 and leaves no later than 610 depending on how many people get on...

We get to our location about 715 and have a ways to walk but when one of the ladies from work pass by they pick us up. If we had to walk the entire way it would take about 15-20 doing a slow stroll. Now that I can pretty mu…

Practice makes perfect

For about 15 minutes we practiced our steps today after I got home for work. Sometimes Im confused. At other times its his fault. I also have to learn to actually follow without talking too much. Ive always wanted to do this but was either lacking the time or the money. Well, actually both. Now that I have both (although not in abundance), I can actually enjoy myself and feel like an ADULT!

A little late but better late than never!

In case youre wondering, there are many reasons to participate in a class such as this:

its FUNit gives you a thighs were definitely feeling it and this is the beginner classyou can go to Latin night and not watch everyone else all nightyou arent sitting on the couch or complaining that there is nothing to do in Abu DhabiIts inexpensive...100dhm per month for single and 180 for couple. Each set of classes lasts for a month and increases in difficulty as you progress (with free review classes if you drop in on a lower level class for a refreshe…


It seems Im doing a lot lately. Lots of research really. Searching for ready made pictures,labels,mats,activities,etc. Its crazy how you log on and time goes by so fast. Before you know it, its past your bedtime and youre hurring to print something out so you arent tired the next day.

The shelves are coming together though and Im happy about that.A few more things to print and Ill be good.WE'LL be good. The kids are responding more and more positively the more they are introduced to.

Soon I will have a substitute as my teacher is pregnant. Im guessing I have another month or so before that happens. Dont know what that will mean for my class but when Im alone I can hold my own well. Its just that aside from whole group activities, I cant do direct instruction with as many kids to myself.

Im compiling lists of ideas and materials because as they tire of 1 thing I need to add another. They are loving the store I created in dramatic play. I should post pictures of it. They buy fruit…