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Moroccan Bath?

ok,so Im feeling a little vulnerable about his post but am posting it anyway. I know youre going to laugh and Im ok with that (I suppose).

Here goes:

Something told me that this wasnt going to be the experience Id imagined,dreamed of even. I walked in the room after B ranted and raved about it. I didnt know what to expect BUT based on the name, figured I had a pretty good idea. NOT SO.

First, she didnt speak English.Only motioned for me to get undressed.

"you want me to take off my clothes"

she nodded, "yes".

I reluctantly folded each piece of clothing and laid it on the bench as I resigned to the fact that this lady was going to see me naked.Completely.In addition, THERE WAS NO TUB IN THIS ROOM!!!!!!!!


"Im gonna kill ( )", I said to myself as I stood where she told me to, right beside her as she fixed the shower and began to wet me and wipe my body down with this soap. She then told me to sit and I did.Then she left and the steaming began.

One may think this was a relaxing experience but I was still accepting the fact that there was NO BATHTUB. In addition, I was so concerned about the cleanliness of this room. "was it cleaned before I got in here? And if so, with what? What is going to happen to me next?How long do I have to lay here?Wwhat if she forgets me in here and I pass out?How sucky will that be?"

Yeah,my brain was doing everything but relaxing. So she comes back in and I get up to be showered again.After that, I go to get a towel to dry off but she tells me w/o English that its not time.

"Not finished? I have more?"


So back into this room I go. She tells me to lay on the bench thats made into the room,just like a sauna.From there, she precedes to take off my EPIDERMIS!!!!!!!!!!!!

I recall seeing a brillow pad attached to a handle and Im wondering (literally) if shes using this. I know in my mind that Im going to leave this place with all sorts of skin disease issues,lol.Either shes very heavy handed,not thinking about me at all and just going through the motions,or this is the way this is supposed to go and I dont think the latter is the correct choice. She does this to my entire body and I so subtly keep my legs closed and she ventures repeatedly to my beautiful butt crack.I remember thinking, "she is NOT getting in there!"

So its later that I find out shes using a glove of sorts. May as well be a brillow pad hand mat. On the good side, it takes so much dead skin off. After having turned over and lastly to be sitting up, I could see the skin just coming off. It was then that I appreciated what she was doing but (a) wanted out of my body temporarily and (b)though to myself, "wow,her job SUCKS".

After this, I get rinsed again and then slathered with some sort of herb mixture. Another rinse in which she rinshed and overly rinsed my face. I told her I couldnt open my eyes and that I needed a towel. Yes, as an adult I STILL cant deal with water in my face or eyes. But she wasnt having this. She basically just told me "halas" and sprayed water in my face more. After this rinse, I got what I think was a mask but I didnt see it. My eyes were closed for quite a bit of time as I had no towel and product was mixing with the water and almost in my eyes.

And might I mention that these washing are me standing there naked, the lady rubbing these things on me and rinsing me off to include lifting my boobs up! For the majority of this, I was standing up. Even if this were somthing I was totally in love with, it wouldnt be a relaxing this simply because I was standing. This may not be the case for other places.

So I still havent reached my goal of getting a massage on a regular basis.Thats a work in progress.

This is the end. I go out and she gives me a robe and towel to dry off. I opt not for a massage as I have other things to go this evening. This was definitely NOT the relaxing experience Id hoped for or imagined.It wasnt bad but would I recommend it to someone else?

That remains to be seen.



    Sounds like you got a traditional (waaaay traditional) spa experience! I bet your skin is smooth as anything now...but I doubt it was worth the experience.

    Thanks for giving me a laugh!


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