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Al Ain

We went to Al Ain this weekend and it was relaxing to lay by the pool, have lunch (which was yummy) and drinks by the pool.

I could TOTALLY go for a Tiki Puka right now!

It was warm enough outside to realy enjoy it and the pool was slightly heated to a comfortable level. If it werent for the ride,Im sure Id do it twice a month until it gets too hot to do so.

And speaking of rides. . .

I thought that we may actually DIE en route. I happened to notice the driver yawning, which is nothing unusual because many people yawn while driving. Only something made me keep my eyes on him.Maybe because his eyes were a little droopy, maybe because,along with yawning,he was wiping his eyes. That too can be innocent enough but after wiping with his hands, he enlisted a tissue! He started rubbing his head back and forth with his hand, moving around in his seat,going from lane to lane (mostly on purpose but I really wondered how much of that was sleep), moving his arms back and forth in an apparent effort to jar his body.

Talk about uncomfortable!!!!!!!!!!!!  After what felt like forever, but was probably 7 minutes after my grim discovery, we stopped at a tiny little "shop" where he used the facilities and got himself something to eat and drink. Afterward,he was much better and I was thankful for that!!!!

As if that wasnt enough for my little heart to take, we went up to the mountain to see the sun set. It wasnt as bad as I imagined going up but I was a bit nervous especially with no music to take my attention away. Being up there was cool. No, I wasnt brave (or stupid depending on how you look at it) enough to stand close the the edge.I did go past the gate like many others but stoppd short of going anywhere near the edge.Just writing about it gives me that feeling in my gut. No thank you!

On the way down I was so tense. I enjoyed seeing the city lights BUT going down a mountain where Im not sure of how sturdy the barriers are is so nerve wrecking to me. Its not something I would miss were I never to do it again.

The verdict? I saw a little of Al Ain, the town square and rode around a bit to get to the infamous Hilli and such. Its an ok place to visit but not for me to live. And I almost picked it just because Im not a city girl at all. Some like it because there are no horns beeping and people EVERYWHERE like it can be in AD,especially on Fridays. Staying here you may have to tell yourself to be like a duck. Just let it run off your back.

Hilli apartments?

Picture post to follow


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