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This will do

So I just havent made it around to making a video of the place.Part of that is because my phone, which had the great camera on it,is no longer.And leave it to me to buy a cute phone with a horrible camera.yes, I have a camera with video but its just too much hassle.At least I think so.

And because Im supposed to be honing my craft, I decided to post my place in pictures.

My color palette
all these switches for one little bathroom

no tv. . .yet
just the two of us!

I love this contraption,lol
and on the off times that this occurs. . .
I just use my teacher dry erase marker,lmbo

So,so glad to finally be clutter free! cleaning takes one day a week besides the every other day of sweeping bc its super dusty here.I have ONE pile of stuff left and thats only because I need a book shelf.Thats coming soon.

Sugar Honey Ice Tea

So Happy Its Thursday


Today at Carrefour I found black eye peas. I wasnt really looking for them and am still on my quest to find brown rice.An entire aisle of rice and you have none that is brown?really?

The biscuits were a FAIL. Probably for two obvious reasons.I used soy milk instead of "real" milk AND the oven has no numbers on it.To say that I guessed about the temp is an understatement. Oh well.It wasnt that many ingredients.Next time Ill try the convection oven I just purchased and will use cow's milk.

This week was a short week. Went the police station Mon for field trip and to the dr.s Tues for my own trip,lol. And with the mini horror stories I wondered what I would encountered. A normal wait,esp for one who has no appointment. I was out of there in about an hour and 20 mins. Bring a  book.Its no love loss and a necessity if you want to get paid for missing a day of work.
The only thing is that I thought I was good upon getting a stamp in the hospital bu…

Global Village

I went to Global village shortly after Christmas. It was different from the impression I got from the website but that happens with pretty much anything. I expected something much bigger, on a grander scale rather. It was like a fair of the world. Not necessarily disappointing and worth the 10 dhm to get in. Just not worth the 50 dhm ride to get there (not round trip).

Heres the village in pictures:

for no other reason than the mannequins have nice derrieres,lol.

For Me?

In the gym the kids buy snacks. I dont know why since they have snack about an hour before then.Just another thing to get them all sugary and then not pay attention in class.

Rashed Zaid asks when its time to go home alot. Sometimes hes on the verge of tears and I tell him that he will go home in a little while.Hes fairly quiet and does what is asked/expected of him a majority of the time. I will venture to say that he gives me no problems whatsoever.

Thursday was so cute-he buys these little cupcakes in a pack. Is sitting there with his coat on that he refuses to take off (like so many other and it makes me sweat!!), carefully opens the pack of cupcakes, procedes to eat one, and gives me the other. At first I thought it was for me to hold but when I asked him if it was for me he shook his head yes.

The cupcake was banana flavored and not good at all but it was the cutest little gesture ever!!!!


" Dear Colleagues,

Fatima College for health sciences are recruiting school teachers who are capable to give Health Education as a core subject at schools of Abu Dhabi and Al Ain curriculum.

This year they started conducting the course in 6 pilot schools and are ready to hire with immediate effect those who do not need to resign or give a notice period.

However, starting from August they will be hiring hundreds of teachers as the course will be mandatory at all schools of Abu Dhabi and Al Ain.

All they need is experience in teaching (school or college environment). Should be able to teach in English and explain in Arabic.

Bachelor degree in Nursing, Science or Biology. Master graduates are welcome also as they will be the future subject supervisors.

Kindly spread the word to all colleagues and friends to apply to Fatima College for Health Science"

There is this and the embassy opening. Health promotion/public health are very new concepts here.We will see what happens. I…

2 things

Today one of the ladies at school beckoned me over. I thought it was about the dress I was wearing but it wasnt. She wanted to know what Ive been drinking because "you were big before (holds arms down and out like muscle man) and now you are smaller". I laughed out loud and called over my coteacher to translate. "i havent really been drinking anything.Its just that I couldnt walk before and I was eating a lot so I got fat.Now I can walk so Im getting smaller". The other week another lady at the school asked me the same thing except she spoke no English. I wasnt too sure if thats what she was saying or not but now Im certain.
I guess I HAVE lost weight :-))))).

The other thing is that I found something today that was NOT in this store the previous times I went. IDK if they were out or just didnt have it but as I walked to that aisle JUST to see,I spoke the words out loud. "One day Im going to find grits here", AND I DIIIIIIIIIIIIIID. I got two containers …

Dubai Mall in pictures (and captions)

Forgive me: I have pictures dating back to Christmas that just made it out of my camera!
The "water zoo"


candy tree at Candylicious
yes,they were everywhere. Here and in A.D
I want that grey dress
the scariest santa Ive ever seen!


HUGE glass chandelier that can hardly be seen in this picture
the ritzy part of the mall
another ritzy restaurant

cute restaurant
yes, he has a store here.Never knew it was that big
Khalas! Our feet were hurting but the 12 dhm cupcakes were SOOOO good!