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Taking it easy

I realize that I posted 4 times the other day and wondered if that was any indication of the quality of my life. But none of them were ramblings, imho,so that makes it good,right?

yesterday I thought id catch up on my sleep only to be called (literally) to come to Yafooli's. We sat and talked and ended up riding to the marina and also going to the veggie souk, which I found out is best to go to at 11pm or later. Its when the shipments come in and you get the best fruit or veggies.

They probably thought I was a servant girl walking behind this tall,lanky Emirate man through the souk. In actuality, he was my tour guide and also bought my fruit and veggies for me as Id left my wallet. Hed told me the previous day about how its not an issue to pay for someone elses food or other items if they dont have money. Its not thought of again and they do it for one another without a second thought. Go ahead and say it, "but theyre rich,blah blah blah". I know plenty of people at home with money and still not the notion of sharing without the expectation of return.

Anyway, looking at this man, one could probably create a picture in his or her mind. He has sort of a strong voice and if he wasnt smiling, it wouldnt be a stretch to think he was mean. I saw  him also in a very nicely tailored suit with a hat and cane with his LV belt on looking quite dapper. Its when he starts to talk that you see the real him and I would have never saw it had we been in another setting. Hes quite nice and very silly. Hes been to Europe and talks about his likes and dislikes in comparing and contrasting the western culture with his own. He can have a conversation with me but sometimes needs someone else to translate.He has two children and the little girl is so precious. Hes taking me to the airport Sat morning. When I told him it was early and that 'early' was 8 oclock, I had to laugh because thats not early to most people in other countries who wake up at the crack of dawn.

Thomas will be coming in Saturday morning. Pretty much what I wanted for Christmas. He already has plans made for himself and he doesnt even know it,lol. Ahmed wants to take him to Bani Yas to go 4 wheeling and who knows what else. Im actually glad that he was home for the past two months or I probably wouldnt have made some of the friends that I have as Im sure I wouldnt have been sitting for hours on end in a restaurant or even that they would have talked to me being that I was with a man. Sometimes I feel weird being the only girl but it was the same way back home and noone really looks at me and probably think Im family or something.

Riding with them was funny-they have American music from this decade and the last and love all types of music. They offered to take me to the 'disco' for Christmas but now I wont be taking them up on that offer because Ill have plans. I even have a neclace and earings that was given to me with the instruction to wear it when I pick Thomas up from the airport. Great, I have to get cute at 7 in the morning?

So from here on out Ill be drinking lots of OJ and getting plenty of rest as the chill of the night air has got me with a runny nose and my throat has been itchy. I havent left the house all day and I have a piece of tissue sticking out of my left nostril. *and as a sidenote I saw someone with the same apparatus in the market so this practice is world wide!! lol* I slept till 130 today with one brief wake-up. I cleaned and am now doing my hair. My phone hasnt rang all day except for a message from mauwia which was an attempt to get me to come to yafooli's this evening. I cant though. Im tired and am in need of more much needed rest if I am to be ready for what this week will bring. I have to do a few more things in the house before making a video of the apartment thus far. No, the curtains arent up in the LR but I dont care at this point when that will happen as it probably wont be this year. It would have been a lot easier had my phone not been lost in the afore mentioned ambush.

One more episode of CSI and then Im going to bed.MAYBE Ill get to posting pics tomorrow!


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