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Some things

Some things are so different and others all the same.

First, I will say that I get this little shocked feeling when people make mention of "getting your hand chopped off if you steal". Some would be shocked to see how civilized this place is.

At the same time, it has so far to go. Im sitting here listening to Arabic music on tv. I have no idea of what they are saying but I love the music nonetheless,lol.

Things that amaze me:

This is a place for mothers and children. I dont have kids and wont any time soon *Inshallan* (ha ha ha) but I cant help but notice the kids items they have here. If I dont have my kid here, I would love to take things home from here as they are so fitting for kids! I can only imagine what their rooms look like in those huge homes we can barely see for large walls.

Service workers: I recently had my "do not disturb" sign taken from my door. they came to clean my room after I asked them not too. I felt so bad because it was junky,lol. Yes, I know thats what they are for BUT Im nto accustomed to maids nor do I want to be. Here you will see them taking care of children while the parents are a step away-shopping, eating,or just doing everyday things. I used to joke about having a nanny but they give it a whole different meaning here. I no longer want one. You may also see women shopping here and their maid(?) is right there to hold bags,phone,do whatever it is they want while they shop. Im still digesting that one.

One of the most beautiful things is to see a lady's abaya blowing in the wind. It looks surreal.

Healthcare. Its amazing how many "shops" are on every corner. They are talking about increasing their preventive care and that is probably more daunting than the educational overhaul. The majority of the population is young 20-30ish with not many old people. I dont know whats going to happen with the population if things dont improve. I dont know though, The actual Emirate population is about 20% and they can afford health care so I dont know how much of it is an issue to them. I hope it is. I also hope that my husband can be a part of that initiative. If you are in UAE and reading this-he has a  Masters degree in Public Health! lol

*side note* This video is abotu a woman singing about how her husband (habibi) isnt attentive to her anymore and their marriage is struggling. I only know that because of the video. She is beautiful and so is the song.

I wonder about the women who wear the niqab. . .how do they marry- Is it always arranged and what happens when he finally sees her? What if he instantly changes his mind?

Ive not been out much and I have. Really its that Ive been going to the same places I suppose. ONE TO ONE. The South African guy there was a T-R-I-P with his flirting,lol.Its a chill spot and you will see Europeans, locals in abayas, young and old listening to music, smoking shisha, eating,drinking alcohol,etc. What amazes me is that children will be out and about at 12 and 1 am along with parents-nanny usually in tow.

Driving here is crazy but if you can ignore the beeping and just drive like you are a cabby in NY, you will be ok,lol. I ride with other drivers, in cabs, and on the bus when I want to pay 25 cents. YES, for any ride anywhere pretty much. Ill have to post my sign that says that front seating is for women only,lol.

HMMMM, What else?

The wealth here is abundant. We met the Prime Minister as he came to our school the other day.The atmosphere of school is good and the teachers have been welcoming. The only thing constant there is change. If you are a type A personality-DO NOT COME. Odds are that you will not stay. My only hope is that the teachers dont think that we are coming with all of this uncertainty because if they do, it wont help our endeavors to model and change the system.

KG is definitely the place to be. . .and as far as the kids, they are like kids at home. Even when you dont know what they are saying you can pretty much tell which category they go in. Im wearing an abaya most days, I just got them.Eventually it will be every day.

Um, Lemme just say that some of these men in kanduras definitely have some swagger about themselves but it stands to reason as they all drive the SICKEST cars and have homes that would make my eyes water! One older gentleman was looking at me as I was going down and he up the escalator. Initially, I looked away but when I looked back over he was still looking. Where Im from its rude not to speak. . .I didnt know the protocol for here but I couldnt just look at him and I didnt want to put my head down because Im not inferior so I spoke. A local told me that speaking will most times be taken the wrong way but it wasnt an issue. Im trying to figure it out but I dont think its considered rude if you dont speak in passing. I need to figure that one out for work as I definitely dont mind not doing so,lol.

I feel like I need a gift for my teacher because I want a smooth transition. No dates eitherr. I dont know what to get!!! grrrr.

This is the first night Ive not been out forever and it feels oh so good. I was going to order my fridge and stove today but I dont know if its gas or electric. Im hoping gas but Ill find out tomorrow when I stop over.Im hoping for EID sales on pretty  much everything. Ill have to rest my feet!

another thing that is different-to get a wheelchair anywhere I have to leave my license and give cell number. And forget about motorized carts. And as big as the malls are they are much needed!


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