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Alrighty then!!

Im definitely getting bored
Im glad things are getting "sorted out"
But Im also really ready to go
Even if I do believe that you are where you are when you are supposed to be there
I appreciate this time at home and realize that I may very well miss those things which are familiar once I am gone
I hope things get straightened out soon and very soon and that we are able to get there. I realized today that I havent taught since MAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY
Thats way too long!

In Due Time

Last entries title was a little misleading as I wasn't overly disappointed. We got an email today reassuring us of their diligent work in getting us there. That, in the midst of calming the fears, irritations, needs,requests,etc of others.

Everyones shoes are different and I dont want to be in anyones but my own. There are easy situations here and there just as there are difficult situations here and there even as I type this and it seems that a typed response may help one person and infuriate another.

aaaaah, human nature.

I continue to wait, read, pray, enjoy family, enjoy the weather, silence, healing, eating, and soaking up all the internet I can,lol.


We got word this week that we are in the works and that they were told we would be in the country by the end of this week.
Today, I find out that that PROOOOBABLY wont happen. I took it in stride.

I remember what I was told: EXPECT NOTHING

and I realize people cant live like this. Let me take that back. . .People in OUR culture cant live like this. And Im actually surprised at myself with how easily I have been going along with things. Im a little proud of myself and I definintely recognize personal growth.

Talked in some length to others waiting just as I am. Some of them are feeling LOW and I definitely relate. The only difference is my change in attitude recently and how I now view things. Worry and faith cannot occupy the same space so I choose to go with the latter.

In regards to actually being there, I know the grass is always greener but those people also have higher water bills. I heard that on the radio the other day and I said I was going to use it,lol.

In the meantime, I…

The 36ers

Well, there are enough of us to make a football team. . .I think.?
I dont know anything about the sport. Nor do I want to,lol.

Regardless, for the most part I think we are patiently waiting. At least it would seem that way. Either that or they grow weary of someone telling them to be patient. Funny, we tell children that all the time.

I get my cast off Thursday and I am ever so ready to embark upon the journey. While I wait, I peruse dubizzle for cars, apartments, and sometimes household items. I imagine, plan, calculate, leave it in God's hands. . .There's really no need to plan too far ahead because there are too many unknowns to do so.

There IS one thing I know-38 people die monthly from car accidents (two vehicles, one vehicle and a person). Thats a lot AND the country is but so big. I passed a Yaris today on the road and Im in an Aura but that car is LITTLE.

I read about a man who caused an accident. Speeding, he ran up on cars waiting at a red light. Car pile up ensued, …

Life is good

ITUNES updated today and has many more convenient options!
I slept wonderfully in bed last night.
Been enjoying the sounds of Maroon 5, Norah Jones, No Doubt,etc
Ive enjoyed a day alone (what else is new??).

We get used to the conveniences of life. New things throw us out of whack. Our minds and our bodies fight for familiarity. Adapting hurts mentally and physically.Im keeping that in mind as I read the posts of others still in that "oh so wonderful" honeymoon phase. It will actually drag you in and make you forget about the fact that we are going over to WORK and that any initiative is anything but easy.

That is not to say that things wont continue to be beautiful. But there WILL be blood, sweat, and tears so to speak. No one is arguing that the BEST thing is for us all to have all the information we need so that on day one we can hit the ground running. That, however, will not be the case AND we were told that. . .or at least read it. . .if youve been stalking the thread…