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I sit here watching HGTV and typing away on my computer. Ive been doing this for days now. Apartment is pretty much empty and the hubby is there getting rid of the last few things before working one last weekend and coming home. People ask if Im excited yet and I dont think that it has hit me quite yet. I mean, I am excited but not like I will be when I get the ticket, or even when I get ready to board the plane, or especially when I finally get on Etihad!!!

My legs are propped over my knee roller, which I got (again) today for the last stretch of this whole cast situation. Its cool and Im thankful to be healing properly and relaxing at home not doing too much of anything. I have awhile before I am forced to condence one last time before the final move. I am not looking forward to that task.

I write before my departure with the next group in mind. I spent months reading about the experience of others and researching any and everything I could about Abu Dhabi and the UAE. Out of every…

Counting down

Well, not really but, as it is August, I am officially on standby. The first group is going out some time soon after the 8th. I am confident that I will be leaving in September and will continue to be in talks with the necessary people.

In the meantime,I continue to pack and unpack. Weigh and reweigh. Think about what I really want to take and whether or not what I have already packed takes precedence over what I have not yet packed. I appreciate the thoroughness of the airline in regards to weight management as I do not want to learn that we have too much baggage as we fly over the ocean.

I think that it is important to note that this is the time when so many people are on edge. Everyone wants to know WHEN. When will I get another email. When will I get my ticket, When will I be leaving . . .and all that is understandable BUT. The but is that we were told early on that this is a very different culture. More specifically, things will not be on the time frame that we are used to AT ALL…