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And so it begins

The time is winding down and things continue to become more real. I have yet to become anxious or nervous about anything save this upcoming operation and how it will affect my travels. My bags have been packed for a week or so but, as I look around, I am beginning to wonder about what needs to be rearranged. I have so many things around here even though I have given away and sold most large items. We have dwindled our life down to about 3 containers of things we would like to save. Although many people are getting storages or renting out their homes, we don't have that issue and I am glad. Fortunately for us, most things were his before I got here and others were either given to me or things that were repurposed so $ was minimal.
I thought it would be difficult but it proves to be a cleansing experience because I do tend to hold on to so many things "just in case."

Travel documents came, my passport came, and I was able to meet with a group of Atlanta teachers here. I star…